Introducing myself to the community

Hi Community,

I’m an IT Systems Engineer and Linux advocate. Having primarily used Ubuntu (both server installations and on client machines) since 2004, I’ve recently started migrating my core Linux workloads to Fedora; DNF package management is a dream, Btrfs, the unapologetic focus on SELinux and the excellent RPMFusion repositories being the primary drivers. I also feel Fedora in recent years has managed to balance early adoption of bleeding edge advancements with overall system stability.

I’ve written extensively about Linux over the last fifteen years, largely in the form of community outreach and compiling end user training materials. I’m a huge fan of CLI automation and helping end users work more efficiently in their day-to-day lives, and love demonstrating ways Linux can facilitate this. Having benefited greatly from Linux throughout the years, I’d love to be in a position to actively contribute to the community.


Hello @rdx ,
Welcome to the Fedora Community! Contributions are always welcome, and experienced users can help out a lot at if they want to get to some immediate and technical issues being faced by users. Also there is always demand for articles showcasing Fedora Linux capabilitiers at Fedora Magazine. We even did an article on contributing to Fedora, I think the links are still relevant.

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