Hello, Fedora Community

Hello everyone, it is an honor to meet every single one of you.

I am Joshua Peisach, or known by ItzSwirlz. I live near NYC, and love to play games, cube (as in Rubik’s cubing), and develop new things and ideas.

I first developed Linux Interest when I went to my dads workplace and found him doing things that interested me. I learned more about computers and by Virtual Machines, I met Ubuntu, which is how I met linux.

At first, it seemed slow and boring but when I realized it is how most of our world it is, I was like, I gotta try this, so I did when I got a new computer with the allowcated space for a second operating system-one for gaming, one for work.

I already had Windows 10 on it, so for the work operating system I wanted SemiCode OS. But it was backlash because “it is just Fedora”. So I tried it, but realized-it isn’t my home. Ubuntu was.

So I switched over, and was happy. But I realized that Windows 10 was as slow as crap, and I figured I wanted to get rid of it. But with the computer, we bought a license for Windows 10, so we should keep it.

So I tweeted saying that I will find a new operating system for Gaming, and I tagged the Fedora Project, and they responded telling me about the Fedora Games Project.

And I set up, and now I am here.

There is other things I do in the Ubuntu Community which you can find if you want to learn more about me, but I wont mention because Ubuntu and other linux shouldn’t be highlighted here. Anyways, in the end, Fedora became my second home linux operating system.


Hello @itzswirlz,

Welcome to the community. FWIW, we’re all linux friendly here, Fedora focused for sure, but we tend not to Distro bash.

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Yeah I realized when I was reading the post, but hello anyways. Nice to meet you.

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Hello @itzswirlz,
Nice meeting you too.

Fedora OS is best OS :troll:. Enjoy Linux however you like. If you really want to game on Linux you can try steam as it has its own fork of wine with added features to make perf better.