Bioinformatics tools installation and usage etc


I am Samee Ullah a Bioinformatician at National Institute of Health(NIH) Islamabad Pakistan.

I am interested to contribute articles about the installation and usage of bioinformatics tools in the Fedora Magazine. Also I checked the Fedora Scientific flavors which comes with just 2 or 3 tools preinstalled and other open source tools in genomics, structural biology etc are missing. Therefore I think this would be very helpful to the computational researchers and PhDs or Postdocs to work in their laboratories easily.

Please let me know If its a good idea.

Thank you

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Hi Samee.

This is a great idea. +1. Just be sure to stick with FOSS tools.


Hello Samee,

I’ve opened Pagure card #127 for your article.

Please follow all of the directions found at this magazine site

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