Team Workflows

New Topics by Email — Discourse’s normal reply-by-email feature makes it relatively easy to participate in discussion without leaving the comfort of your email client. Kanban Test This is an experiment! Feel free to play around. Fedora Magazine This is one of the official communication channels for members of the Fedora Magazine community. This channel should be used for submitting new article ideas (proposals). If you want to start a conversation about something else (but still having to do with Fedora Magazine), click here to start a new thread under the general project discussion area of this forum (the provided link will take care of tagging the new thread with the #magazine hashtag to get the attention of the right people). Fedora Classroom Fedora classrooms provide a medium for community members to disseminate their knowledge to the rest of the community and our users. Projects in Copr This category contains topics named to match the names of projects in Copr. Those topics are automatically created once you comment on These comments are automatically embedded in You can either discuss here or on — the data are shared.
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