[Bug?] Cannot look at threads in Taiga board

Hello everyone,

Is anybody experiencing this[1]? When I try to look at a thread (like this one), it gives me a blank page.

It’s not working on my laptop, desktop and phone. Everything used to work on my laptop a week ago but the threads randomly stopped working on my side. It’s hard for me to work on the article I am writing, and I don’t want to keep nagging someone to update it.

I tried changing DNS servers, I tried it in Chrome and another Firefox profile, but I had no luck.

I don’t know how to retrieve the logs, so if anybody is willing to help me on that, I would appreciate it.


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Weird. It looks like you are using Firefox. Try safe mode?

Click the menu button Fx57menu, click Help, select Restart With Add-ons Disabled… and click Restart in the Restart With Add-ons Disabled dialog.

Are you having any other networking issues?

I tried in safe mode, but that didn’t work either. I forgot to mention (but edited the thread) that I tried using Chrome and another Firefox profile, which none of them worked.

As far as I know I am not having any networking issues. Every website works fine for me, except Fedora’s Taiga board.

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I just had a look at your account to see if anything looked wrong or incomplete, but I didn’t really see anything. There is one unusual thing that I see about your account. Your Fedora Project account is “theevilskeleton”, but the corresponding account on Taiga is “TheEvilSkeleton”. I wonder if the mismatch between the letter casing could be causing the problem? All the other usernames on Taiga are all lower case. Can you change your Taiga username to better match your Fedora Project account?

Alright, I’ve changed my username to theevilskeleton. It still doesn’t work.

I cleared cache and tried in different browsers, but same result as before.

I’ll wait a couple of hours before reporting it again.

Is there a “Created by” filter active? If so, and it isn’t matching any cards, that might be why the list is empty.

Never mind. I think what I saw in your screenshot was just part of the card failing to load in your browser, not a filter. I just tried updating several random things on the card in hope that it might clear/overwrite whatever the problem is. That’s about all I can do. You’ll have to wait until someone with more access can take a look at it if that doesn’t work.

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Is there a “Created by” filter active? If so, and it isn’t matching any cards, that might be why the list is empty.

Assuming you are referencing uBlock Origin, there is no filter active.

@glb unfortunately it still does not work.

I guess the thing to do at this point is to open a new issue on the Fedora Infrastructure tracker. You might want to mention “@asamalik” in the report. I think he is the one who set the system up and he might have better insights into how it works and what might be wrong.

Done! Issue #9865: Cannot look at threads in Taiga board - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io

Thank you so much.

@theevilskeleton It looks like the infrastructure team applied some updates/bug fixes. Did the updates resolve the problem?

Spoke too soon I see. Unfortunately, this problem is a bit out of my league. I think you’ll have to continue seeking help from the infrastructure team.

I don’t mind waiting longer.

I’ll post updates on the status of your article here since I know you are having problems with Kanban.

Your article has been scheduled for publication on Friday, April 23rd. I’ll do the editing, but I probably won’t get to it until mid next week. So you have plenty of time to make any last minute revisions if you want.

I’ll change the article’s status to “Pending Review” on WordPress when I start editing it. So you can check that instead of Kanban to find out if I’ve started editing it.

Thanks for contributing!

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What about a picture? I thought those were mandatory?

Yes. It will need a picture. I can take care of it if you want. You are welcome to create something if you want too. It just has to be in the public domain and it has to meet the criteria specified here: Creating a featured image for the Fedora Magazine :: Fedora Docs

Alright, I will appreciate if you can create an image. I did create one myself, but I don’t think the image meets the requirements because of the following requirement:

Do not use logos from other projects. Most require permission for use, and it is difficult to assign a recipient for permission in a group-owned project like the Magazine.

I used the Matrix and freenode logos, which were both taken from Wikipedia.

Clarification: it does not need to be be in the public domain. It just has to be under a usable license (for example CC BY-SA 4.0)


Seems like the Matrix and freenode logos in Wikipedia are in Public Domain. I used Fedora 34’s wallpaper as well for the image.

Here’s how it looks like:

I’m not the best in those stuff, so @glb, feel free to take care of the image.

The licenses as indicated on Wikipedia do look OK for use in Fedora Magazine to me. Seeing that these are both open source projects that are all about promoting “free” communication, I’m going to say that they can be used unless I’m overridden by @bcotton who knows much more about such things than I do. There might still be some “ediquette” about getting permission to use a logo that I’m unaware of.

What about the background image? Where did you get that from?

I see you got the background from Fedora Linux 34, so that is OK too.