Regular meeting cadence for Fedora Badges?

Howdy Badgers, and happy New Year! This topic is a continuation of our last meeting so we can identify a regular meeting cadence and get this train rolling. :steam_locomotive: Here’s what you need to know!

  1. Starting a monthly Fedora Badges community roundtable on the third Wednesday of every month, at 13:00 UTC.
    • Next proposed meeting: 2023-01-18T13:00:00Z
  2. Launching two “sub-teams” of Fedora Badges for developers and designers.

The details below are how I am thinking to organize things. If you have other ideas or suggestions, please offer them up! Or an acknowledgment is okay too.

Monthly roundtable

Because Fedora Badges is a large project with several different workstreams, @eocarrol and I thought it made sense to have a monthly call with all Fedora Badges stakeholders to raise concerns, work through challenges, and have some social time. This will be the one common place where anyone working on Fedora Badges can congregate and ask questions to the larger community.

Once a month might seem too infrequent, but more on that in the next section.

Based on the Whenisgood poll responses, I chose the third Wednesday of every month at 13:00 UTC as the possible time. I know this is not a perfect time for everyone, but it felt like the best compromise given we have participants on almost all sides of the planet.

So, this would make our next meeting on 2023-01-18T13:00:00Z. I have set up a calendar invite in my calendar and will also add one to Fedocal, but first I wanted to get feedback before making it official.

Fedora Badges sub-teams and breakouts

Next, we are thinking to have two separate “sub-teams” for Badges: one for the designers and one for the developers/sysadmins. This way, each team can meet to discuss topics most relevant to their skills and backgrounds. Then, if there are topics that need to be addressed by everyone, we can push those topics to the monthly roundtable.

However, we will need some help to make this possible! It would be great for us to have two co-captains for each sub-team. The co-captain will take responsibility of chairing meetings, organizing discussion topics, and posting updates here on Fedora Discussion and Matrix.

Right now, @t0xic0der has volunteered as a co-captain of the Development team. We still need a second co-captain for the Development team, and we will also need two co-captains for the Design team. Anyone who is interested can either ask questions or volunteer in this thread. Anyone can also write me a message on Matrix to know more about co-captains.

If we don’t have co-captains identified by the 18 January roundtable, then we will use that meeting to identify co-captains and make plans for each sub-team to have regular meetings.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas?

That’s all for now! Things will be slow at first as we get going again after the new year, but there is a lot to look forward to. I’m open to your questions, feedback, or any thoughts you have about our plans for reviving Fedora Badges! Hope to see folks online soon. :blush:


Sounds good :slight_smile:

I will reach out to the folks from the Websites and Apps Team chat and Design chat to know if anyone of them wants to volunteer here.

Hi Justin!

I would be interested in helping out in a design capacity! I can also say it to the others at our next meeting :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting.
What are the initial projects for the developers/sysadmins team?
What is the co-captain role? I’m interested in volunteering for it.

I would be up to co-captain for the Design side of things :partying_face:


Woohoo, thanks @ekidney and @riecatnor! :tada: It will be great to have your support as Badges Design co-captains. :stars: Is it possible for both of you to make the proposed roundtable meeting on 2023-01-18T13:00:00Z? We can discuss more about the sub-teams, the co-captain role, and next steps for organizing a sub-team meeting and agenda. If not, then we could do this asynchronously in a Matrix chat!

Great question. Right now, it is looking like a full rewrite of Fedora Badges, and it would be a two-release (i.e. 12-month) project. @t0xic0der put together a conclusion of the tech stack research, which you can find here:

Your feedback and comments on this conclusion are most welcome!

Great question. :grinning: Right now, it is not well-defined. But generally, I think a co-captain would act as a program manager-type of role. This would mean triaging issues and tickets, making a meeting agenda, following up with developers on assigned tasks, and being a liaison back to the overall Badges Revamp effort with me and @eocarrol.

What do you think?

I would be interested in it. I’m reviewing the repos/links, and I look forward to starting the work on it.

@t0xic0der that’s a great review/proposal :clap:

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Awesome! Want me to send you an invite for the roundtable on 2023-01-18T13:00:00Z?

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This might be a nitpick but it is important to note that the tech stack research[1] happens to be just one of the many things we did as a part of this investigation. For the most part, we explored the system in its current state to understand how many parts of it we can salvage and how much of it can be written from the ground up. This also led us to understand that a 1:1 rewrite of the functionality might not cut it, which consequently made me propose a new workflow altogether around the system[2][3].

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Thanks! Looking forward to working with you, @jefferson2z.

Yes, thank you.

Hi Justin! Yah I would be able to make the meeting for a little bit, the Creative Freedom Summit day 2 would be starting at 1:30 so I’ll have to leave then :slight_smile:

I’m available for the next round table. I’d also be willing to help out co-captaining based on the task description given:

Since I’m late to the party, I will politely join the queue.

@jflory7, it seems I haven’t received an invitation for tomorrow’s round table, yet. Would you be so kind? :pleading_face:

@t0xic0der got me covered, here are the details! I’ll also send a calendar invite to your email:

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All good. I received the invite and fired up the HackMD pad. Time for a quick bite and I see ya all in a bit.

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