Fedora Badges Community Roundtable on Wed, 18 Jan @ 13:00 UTC

Hey everyone,

Here’s a quick reminder that we will be having our first community roundtable meeting of the year for the Fedora Badges at 2023-01-18T13:00:00Z2023-01-18T14:00:00Z.

This meeting will be hosted on Jitsi Meet. For context about the past meetings, you can find the notes from the community call here. See you folks in the meeting!


I kicked off a HackMD pad under the Websites & Apps team for our ongoing roundtable notes and discussions:

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Unfortunately, I’ve just seen the message about the meeting. Was the meeting recorded? I’m reading the HackMD notes, but would like to watch it as well, in case it’s available.

That was on me because I let it slip so late. Apologies! I sent you a calendar invite to your FAS email now, for next time.

Unfortunately it wasn’t! And the free Jitsi Meet option no longer has recording to Dropbox, else I would have recorded it. Should we need or desire recording in the future, we probably need to consider another option.

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You may want to consider using PeerTube for recording meetings. There’s probably stuff to figure out, but the Design Team uses it to have the meeting in Jitsi, broadcast it live, and then when the stream is done a recording is automatically available in the PeerTube channel.

We’re also using this in the Creative Freedom Summit now… which I am involved in… so this may be a case of “when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.” lol

I am curious! Do you know where I could learn more, or is there any documentation on how to set that up with a Jitsi Meet room?

This guide is the closest I know of, but really @duffy is our resident wizard when it comes to this. She’s the one that’s made it happen and shown folks how it works. Guide is also by Mo.

Setting up the Jitsi room is the easy part I think. You would have to find a PeerTube instance to stream to and host the videos after. The Design Team uses LinuxRocks PeerTube.

This guide is super detailed and I’m pretty sure I could replicate this. Thanks @duffy!

My next question is, are streams automatically converted to recordings on PeerTube when the live stream ends? I am thinking this workflow might be tedious for recurring weekly or fortnightly meetings, but it would be nice if the stream just automatically went to PeerTube for review before publishing on the channel page.

Once the PeerTube stream ends, the recording is automatically available on the PeerTube channel. Are you saying you want there to be a review step before the recording is made available?

Got it. That is super neat!

That would be nice, but I guess it isn’t required.