Summary of December 2022 Fedora Badges social & next steps

Thanks everyone who came out to our Fedora Badges social last Thursday, 15 December! :partying_face: I was energized by our great turn-out and stories that folks shared about why they showed up for Badges. I’m excited to collaborate together on Badges in 2023.

This Discourse topic is a short summary of our call and next steps in 2023.

Thanks for being part!

A quick shout-out to everyone who helped wrap up the year with Fedora Badges. It was great to see so many new and familiar faces. :tada: @riecatnor @gui1ty @ank22 @t0xic0der @copperi @zlopez @bogomil @sayanchowdhury @webpigeon @lenkaseg @attreyeem @bhavya-verma :tada:

A big thanks also to @eocarrol for co-facilitating the social with me!

Getting better introduced

We spent most of the social on introductions and optionally answering the icebreaker questions. I enjoyed this part the most as I got to better know the folks interested in Fedora Badges. :muscle:

I also thought it was interesting about the diversity of motivations to contribute to Badges. There are long-time Fedora contributors who are looking for more places to help in the community. We also have the support of folks in Red Hat’s Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team to help us see this through. There are also folks who recently worked on Badges for the first time and want to be more involved with our community! We have coders, designers, UX specialists, program managers, and more in our group. Going into 2023, we can leverage this as our superpower for a community-led revival of Fedora Badges.

For the folks who shared a wish for Fedora Badges in 2023, I listed those below so we can look back later and see how we did:

  • @riecatnor: Implementing Outreachy internship work into community.
    • New templates for Badge designs and modernizing the style guide.
    • Continue to elevate the quality of Badges design and teach more people about how to design badges.
  • @gui1ty: More participation! Also, transition to new messaging backend (RabbitMQ-based instead of ZeroMQ).
    • More stable integration.
    • Interested in helping with Pagure triage to possibly move to GitLab later.
  • @bogomil: Federation and Badges as a standard.
    • Like Mozilla’s OpenBadges project. Earning badges from other sites or communities and showing them in one profile.
  • @bhavya-verma: More active and lively community. More first-time contributors. Successful port to GitLab.
  • @sayanchowdhury: Fixing the broken things and getting a working out-of-the-box experience. Compatibility with the OpenBadges spec v3.
  • @ank22: Writing code and getting commits into Badges.

ARC investigation process

Toward the second half of the call, @t0xic0der and @eocarrol introduced the research phase of how CPE reviews new projects, or CPE Initiatives, and plans for them. There is an Advance Reconnaissance Crew (ARC) investigation that proposes a plan for resources, developer time, or what help is required for a project to be successful.

An investigation by @zlopez and @t0xic0der is underway, which you can read more about in the Fedora Badges ARC documentation. I see there is a draft proposal for a full rewrite. For our techies, you may want to check out the suggested technologies page.

In January, we will work on an open timeline based on community feedback and the ARC investigation for modernizing Fedora Badges. See below…

Future meetings

Going forward, we will kick off the Badges effort with two meetings every month, held at different times to maximize participation in multiple time zones. We will aim for an APAC-friendly and NA/LATAM-friendly time for the two slots.

In time, Ellen and I will get a calendar event in Fedocal and send an invite to personal calendars in January. We will use the Whenisgood poll responses to choose the best times.

If you have any questions, ask them here! Otherwise, I hope everyone has a great year-end, and we’ll see you back here in 2023. :grinning: