Summary of July 2023 Fedora Badges Community Round Table Meeting

Hey there Fedora Friends!


On July 19th folks from the community met for the Fedora Badges Community Round Table. The following people were present:

  • Marie
  • Sandro
  • Akashdeep
  • Onuralp
  • Aurelien
  • Roland
  • Smera
  • Emma
  • Chris
  • Justin/JWF
  • Ngobiri

@thunderbirdtr chaired the meeting, with @riecatnor as notetaker.

Team announcements & News

@t0xic0der gave the team an update on the development state of affairs, including:

  • The establishment of regular development related calls on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Help is always needed! Jump into the Websites & Apps Team Element/Matrix channel and ask to be added to the regular meeting invite if you’d like to join the calls.
  • Database Abstraction Layer is now the part of the Server - thus simplifying the structure
  • The API interactions for USERS is about to be completed - some interactions remaining
  • To keep an open ecosystem of 3rd party applications, we are implementing access tokens
  • Discussions of OpenIDC based authentication and internal authorization are in progress
  • The existing issues tickets have now been tagged appropriately with their parent epics
  • A working HTTP basic authentication is implemented for now with two access levels
  • We now have two more CPE folks, James Richardson and Tomas Hrcka onboard
  • We are constantly mentored by Aurelien Bompard, Ryan Lerch and Nils Philippsen
  • Wanna help shaping up our Fedora Badges backend - request for ticket assignment here

Follow Ups

Documentation of relevant back-end transition information:

  • Being a recurring target to meet, some progress has been made here
  • We could use some more volunteers to shadow and write documentation

Pagure infra tickets for backend/data migration: 1, 2.

  • We now need issues pertaining to existing epics on fedora-infrastructure issue tracker due to the significant progress we made. @t0xic0der is overseeing this, with the help of volunteers and folks from CPE infra.

Badges Front End UI

  • @ekidney is working on this. There is a Discussion thread open to collect community feedback- feel free to add your thoughts!
  • @ekidney will work to collect more feedback on the UI/UX mockups from:
    • Fedora Design Team
    • Fedora Web & Apps Team
    • Hallway track at Flock
    • Volunteer individuals/small groups

Badge Design Updates

  • The update template, palettes, and style guide are still in testing with the Fedora Badge Design interns @chris and @rolandixor


Presentation from @chris & @rolandixor on their Fedora Badges Design Internship.

  • Chris’s Slides
  • Roland’s Slides
  • Feedback from the team:
    • The new borderless template looks nice, modern
    • Would be nice to include Colúr, our newest Fedora mascot
    • Folks are impressed with the improvements in the artwork and how sleek the new designs look
    • Suggestion for the interns to create a Discussion post to show off their work and get input from the community

Next Meeting

This has been the July Fedora Badges Community Roundtable summary. We encourage you to follow our progress under the badges-team tag on Discussion. All are welcome to join the efforts in the Badges channel on Element/Matrix and to join our monthly call. The next roundtable meeting will take place on 2023-08-16T12:00:00Z2023-08-16T13:00:00Z. Marie and Sandro will co-chair the meeting.