Summary of August 2023 Fedora Badges Community Round Table Meeting

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On August 16th folks from the community met for the Fedora Badges Community Round Table. The following people were present:

  • Marie (riecatnor) (chair)
  • Justin W. Flory (jflory7/jwf) (note-taker)
  • Roland Taylor (rolandixor)
  • Nikita Tripathi (nekonya3)
  • Akashdeep Dhar (t0xic0der)
  • Chris Idoko (chris)
  • Conor
  • Aoife
  • Shaun
  • Aurelien

Team announcements & News

  • Review of Flock to Fedora 2023 experience related to badges
    • @t0xic0der
      • Discussion with Justin Forbes regarding automated badges for kernel testers
      • Sumantro Mukherjee requesting admin access to award badges manually during test days
      • Nikita Tripathi expressed her interest to work on both frontend and backend
    • @jflory7
      • Nikita presented the traditional Badges talk and repped the recent changes to badges style to the community (the new artwork came as a (good!) surprise to some contributors)
      • Recording: Fedora Badges - How to

Follow Ups

  • Documentation of relevant back-end transition information

    • Two volunteers have stepped up to help with documentation
    • Can clear this from follow ups
  • Web&Apps team: Smaller scope engineering related collaboration meeting

    • A new Matrix room was created earlier today to be the organizing home for back-end development chatter.
    • Can clear this from follow ups
  • Pagure infra tickets for backend/data migration

    • Next step is adding more info into the Epics
    • @t0xic0der & @jflory7 to continue working on this
  • Badge Design updates

    • Badge design interns @chris and @rolandixor are finishing their internships on August 25th.
    • They will focus on uploading their work to the Badges Gitlab in the next week


  • Event Badges Reframing

    • @jflory7 proposed we adjust how we do event badges on the Flock 2023 badge request ticket, which resulted in a discussion on the ticket about the imbalance of event badges versus other categories of badges in the system.
    • @riecatnor found the breakdown of current badges are as follows:
      • Content - 91
      • community - 132
      • event - 256 (!!)
      • misc - 13
      • quality - 57
      • development - 96
    • We discussed things a bit further and came up with a potential middle ground:
      • Maintain all attendee badge under events, with the addition of the social event badge for Flock as an exception
      • Make organizer badges fall under the community category
      • Make designs, marketing, communications, and speakers badges fall under the content category
      • Challenges with having a series of speaker badges for example, as it would need to be tracked manually. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve defaulted to per event badges
    • Next steps:
      • @riecatnor to write Discussion post to get community input
      • We need to identify an owner for event badges. (CommOps & Mindshare would be the natural owners for this sort of thing)
  • How is the revamp progressing, letโ€™s do a temperature check

    • @riecatnor Badge design efforts are going great. Our current interns have spent a lot of time on their work. A lot of my time is going there. After the internship, I could look at more design aspects.
    • @t0xic0der Going great but slowly. Limited in the number of people on board right now. Hoping to grow this with the increased interest post-Flock. The regular calls for back-end development are helping build a cadence and maintain momentum. Hope that the pace of things continues to improve over time.
  • Review of Badge Designs Update Process

    • @riecatnor shows off the organizational process for the badge designs updates to the new template and art improvements
    • Confirmation that the correct information is being gathered for the implementing the new artwork.
    • @t0xic0der notes that in the future we will have an updated interface to add badges/artwork

Next Meeting

This has been the August 2023 Fedora Badges Community Roundtable summary. We encourage you to follow our progress under the badges-team tag on Discussion.

All are welcome to join the efforts in the Fedora Badges channel on Element/Matrix and to join our monthly call. If you are interested specifically in Badges back-end development, feel free to join the Fedora Badges Development channel on Element/Matrix.

The next roundtable meeting will take place on 2023-09-20T12:00:00Zโ†’2023-09-20T13:00:00Z. @jflory7 and @gui1ty will co-chair the meeting.

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