Summary of September 2023 Fedora Badges Community Round Table Meeting


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We met on 20 September 2023 for another round table . The following people were present:

After some struggle with Jitsi suddenly requiring log in or moderator approval, followed by technical issues with Sandro’s mic not working, Justin took the task of chairing upon him (thank you :bluethumb:). Notes were taken somewhat collectively.

Team announcements & news


  • Badges development meetings will move to fortnightly


Pagure infra tickets for backend/data migration (@t0xic0der)

  • Business as usual. There’s incremental progress.
  • :warning: Topic can be cleared from follow-up list

Badges front end UI (@ekidney)

  • :warning: With Emma on vacation this rolls over to the next meeting

Badge design (@riecatnor, @smeragoel)

  • Style Guide (pdf) is work in progress
  • Design templates have been overhauled
  • Marie and Smera discussed next steps:
    • Finalize Style Guide (required for next step)
    • There will be a series of meetings (6-8 weeks) for people to join and help finish the badge designs.
    • Work on the handover for the design assets. Make sure all info is gathered for maintainers/developers to implement new designs.
  • When setting up the next sprint, this will be an update shared by Marie. Can be an update in the announcements.
  • :warning: Topic can be cleared from follow-up list

Event badges (@riecatnor, @jflory7)

  • Discussion thread
  • Wait with implementation until new system is ready.
  • :warning: As discussion is still ongoing, this one moves on to the next meeting, possibly as a main topic.

Badges development participation (@t0xic0der)

  • @jflory7 suggests to change the format of the badges development call, making it uniform and consistent. It should be time to develop and hack together.
  • Meeting cadence will change (see announcements).
  • @jflory7 notes that developers are in different time zones.
    • With the current meeting time (08:30 UTC) it’s mostly people from Europe that attend.
    • It is rare for people from other parts of the world (the Americas and Oceania) to attend due to the time difference.
    • :question: Is there a guide for running the meeting? :exclamation: No. But this may be a good first step.
    • :question: Is there someone who could help run the meetings in a more western-friendly timezone? :exclamation: Possibly. But we don’t know who.
    • :white_check_mark: Follow up on the meeting guide and continue to look for a volunteer for an earlier time zone.

Main topics

Release party presentation in November

  • Revamp the general presentation
  • Badge design internship presentation
    • Outreachy graduates Chris (@chris) and Roland will present
    • 25 minute for showcasing their work
    • :white_check_mark: (@riecatnor): Check in with Roland and Chris and make sure they are on board and, if so, ask them to work on a deck.
    • :white_check_mark: (@riecatnor): General Presentation Slide Deck (contact Marie for editing access if needed)
    • :white_check_mark: Each team (development, UI/UX, design) to build 3-5 slides.
  • :warning: Next meeting: general presentation about the design revamp

Good First Issue (GFI) (@jflory7)

  • Justin gave a short run down on GFIs and why they are useful and how they could help in on-boarding contributors.
  • :white_check_mark: Design team will keep GFIs in mind during next sprint for finishing the final stretch with the new style guide.
  • :white_check_mark: @jflory7 to join a backend development call with @t0xic0der and brainstorm on GFIs for backend development.
  • :warning: This topic will be revisited next meeting.

Next meeting

Everybody is welcome to join the monthly round table. In between we keep in touch on Matrix. There is a separate room for Badges Development. Feel free to get in touch with the team.

The next meeting will take place on 2023-10-18T12:00:00Z. Sandro volunteered for chairing, provided his sound issues are solved. Marie offered to take notes.

Open floor

Open floor was skipped for lack of time and topics.