Summary of May 2023 Fedora Badges Community Round-table Meeting

Hi, Creatives!


We held the May Fedora Badges Roundtable, with the presence of the following individuals:

  • Marie Nordin (riecatnor)
  • Roseline Amarachi (roseline-amarachi)
  • Emma Kidney (ekidney)
  • Sayan Chowdhury (sayanchowdhury)
  • Shaun McCance (shaunm)
  • Akashdeep Dhar (t0xic0der)
  • Aoife Moloney (amoloney)
  • Sandro (Penguinpee or gui1ty)
  • Roland Taylor (rolandixor)
  • Michal Konecny (zlopez)
  • Marie Nordin (riecatnor)
  • Chris Onoja Idoko (chris)
  • Justin W. Flory (jflory7)
  • Olive Oparaocha (duchessolive)

Team announcements & news

Two Outreachy applicants have been selected; congratulations and welcome, Roland and Chris :tada:

Follow Ups

We checked in with @gui1ty, who successfully completed the addition of both the Engineering and Design Charters and the structural documentation into the Badges Gitlab Wiki.

Regarding Epics, it was determined that @gui1ty did not possess adequate permissions within the Website & Apps subgroup to transfer the Epics to Badges Gitlab. However, @gui1ty managed to relocate the main epic to the badges section, which we can link to the epic with commentary. We concluded that further discussion on this matter would be required during the upcoming roundtable meeting.

@gui1ty and @sayanchowdhury were unable to meet this month, but plan to meet in the upcoming month and we will follow up accordingly. The bits of information that are relevant to the back-end transition from our current badge system to the revamped system will be documented.

@riecatnor and @smeragoel have created a timeline for the Outreachy interns and are scheduled to meet with them the week of May 22nd. They are also collaborating on providing feedback to Nikita to help complete the style guide. Additionally, Marie is currently working on reworking badge design templates and palettes.


UI/UX for the revamped frontend

We delved into the topic of starting a wireframing/prototyping phase to compare a new frontend with a discourse-based UI, with the goal of determining the most suitable direction to pursue. @ekidney volunteered to work on the mockups. We agreed that next month’s roundtable would serve as a suitable venue to review the wireframes and facilitate a decision-making process.


The need for clear documentation on the selected tools for the revamp was discussed, with the specific goal of enhancing the developer experience for newcomers to Fedora Badges. It was suggested that the documentation should include links to the proposed technologies being considered for the project. The challenge of keeping people engaged and active was acknowledged, with suggestions to explore “bite-sized tasks” or good first issues as potential solutions. It was also pointed out that we need to have a clear and concise plan for the Badges Revamp delivery so that the process of bringing in new contributors can be as smooth as possible. Action items include creating clear documentation, enhancing the developer experience, and exploring engagement strategies.

Getting into the scope

The first steps for the engineering and design sub-teams were discussed. It was suggested to have separate, smaller scope meetings for engineering-related collaboration, distinct from the monthly Fedora Badges community roundtable, to be held biweekly. Additionally, opening Pagure infra tickets for backend/data migration and making the database available for testing were identified as necessary actions. @jflory7 will open the tickets and @t0xic0der will be assigned to complete the tasks.

Naming and location conventions for updated art

The names of the new art files were discussed, including whether the new art files should have the same names as the old files. @gui1ty and @t0xic0der shared their perspectives, with @gui1ty suggesting that renaming could be beneficial due to the current naming inconsistency, while @t0xic0der suggested we might keep the names as is for automation purposes. @gui1ty agreed to look into the naming issue and have a final discussion with @riecatnor.

The location of the new art files in the GitLab structure was addressed as well, with @t0xic0der tasked to create a dedicated repository for PNG and SVG formats. Close collaboration with the Fedora Badges Revamp project’s developer sub-team to understand the goals and objectives and reflect them in the UI / front-end, and badge designs was emphasized. Depending on the chosen front-end, either the development of UI/UX mockups or understanding the customization capabilities of Discourse will be pursued.

Until next time!

This is the May Fedora Badges Roundtable summary. We encourage you to follow our progress under the badges-team tag on Discussion. All are welcome to join the efforts in the Badges channel on Element/Matrix and to join our monthly call. The next meeting is on 2023-06-21T11:00:00Z

Thanks for the meeting minutes. I just noticed that there’s a typo in my FAS user name. It’s gui1ty[1] not gu1lty. Could you correct that, please?

I’d like to clarify: I thought it was a question of permissions, but it turned out that GitLab does not provide the possibility of moving epics between (sub)groups. I created a copy of the parent epic in the Badges subgroup, hoping this would allow me to move the child epics in there. But they can only be linked. Recreating the child epics, while tedious, but doable, would result in already present comments to be lost.

Meanwhile, due to some misunderstanding[2], the parent epic in the Badges subgroup has been closed by @jflory7. I think we should keep it as is for now. That is all epics (parent and children, like a happy family) in Website & Apps. Of course, if someone has objections, speak up.

There’s a separate topic discussing the naming convention:

Please leave you suggestions there.

  1. For the curious minds: back in the day when I selected that username, commonly used fonts would make it hard to distinguish l from 1 and guilty as charged was kind of a catch phrase when I had to admit I made a mistake. Now I wish FAS would allow me to change my username. But that feature is still pending. ↩︎

  2. I wasn’t very clear in the meeting. ↩︎

I just corrected it. Thank you for pointing it out.