Summary of June 2023 Fedora Badges Community Round Table Meeting

Hello Badgers!


On 21 June we held the monthly badges round table meeting. The following people were present:

  • Sandro (Penguinpee/gui1ty)
  • Roseline Amarachi (roseline-amarachi)
  • Michal Konecny (zlopez)
  • Akashdeep (t0xic0der)
  • Shaun (shaunm)
  • Marie (riecatnor)
  • Nikita Tripathi
  • Paul Power
  • Emma (rkidney)
  • Roland Taylor (rolandixor)
  • Onuralp Sezer (thunderbirdtr)
  • Jhennifer (jhennifer)

Team Announcements & News

Fedora Badges Developer Database environment is now available! Akashdeep also added documentation about the databases as well as a graphical UI for exploring a recent dump of the current database.

Topics and Follow Ups

Database Models

Work on database models is in progress. People are encouraged to take part in the discussion. Since this a more developer focused technical topic, further discussion will take place in engineering meetings.

Documentation of relevant backend transition information is ongoing. However, the announced database documentation is a first result in that effort.

GitLab Epics

Due to lacking functionality in GitLab with regards to moving epics, we decided to leave the current setup as is. That is the epics are in the website space, but issues will be added to Badges space.

Badge Rules

Sandro and Sayan have not been able to connect about badge rules. This is postponed, but not forgotten.


The engineering team plans to discuss technical and implementation matters in the weekly Website & Apps team call. Akash will send out invites to the folks in the engineering team.

The design team meets twice weekly with the interns to discuss ongoing matters.


Justin and Akashdeep are working on tickets for backend/data migration. Progress is tracked in Pagure:

Artwork Naming Convention

Regarding naming and location we agreed to:

  • Use subdirectories for each category
  • Use category_shorttitle.ext format

UI Design

Emma created some wireframes and mockups for the new UI. This is still work in progress. Once finalized it will be published on Discussion for, eh, further discussion.

  • Actions/pages for creating a QR code and manually awarding badges should be added to the User flow
  • Akash suggested the frontend to be stand alone based on discussions with community/CPE
  • Marie suggested Emma to post work on the Wireframe on discussion so folks can review and give feedback
  • Akash suggested Emma should clarify the flow between search and the user so it is clear what the actual flow is
  • Sandro suggested to make the landing page after log in, the user’s badges overview, not the settings/profile


The interns have started moving the art files and making improvements along the way. They will present their work in next month’s meeting.

The style guide is being updated. It’s work in progress. A few more small changes are needed.

Meanwhile the badge design templates and palettes have been reworked. The new templates are now being tested by the interns. Once testing is complete they will be added to a ticket in Pagure and in GitLab. Adding them to the documentation will happen once we move to the new system, so as not to confuse onboarding designers.

Next Meeting

The next roundtable meeting will take place on 2023-07-19T12:00:00Z. Onuralp will chair the meeting and Marie is on secretary duty. Sandro will be the backup should either Onuralp or Marie not be able to make the meeting.

Open Floor

Marie asked if anyone is submitting proposals for Flock.

Nikita is intending to submit a proposal regarding use of badge templates. Marie and Nikita will discuss further. Akash and Chris have also submitted a proposal. Sandro and Emma will be at Flock, but have not submitted a proposal.

Akash provided a short demo of the web interface for exploring the database dumb, showing what kind of information can be gathered from the tables.

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