Summary of October 2023 Badges Community Round Table

Hi Fedora Friends :wave: :wave: Hereโ€™s our Badges monthly meeting notes:


  • Sandro (penguinpee/gui1ty) :chair:
  • Marie (riecatnor) :spiral_notepad:
  • Emma (ekidney)
  • Sandro (Penguinpee)
  • Onuralp (thunderbirdtr)
  • Chris idoko (chris)
  • Roland Taylor (rolandixor)

Follow-ups from last meeting (if any) (~5-10m)

  • Badges Front End UI

    • Emma has closed Badges UI/UX questionnaire on Discussion
      • She will review the data and work on a graphical representation of the findings
      • Some initial findings:
        * Badges site is outdated visually
        * 50% of people have trouble accessing information/navigating
    • High-fi wireframes in progress
  • Marie & Justin: Event Badges Reframing

    • Discussion Thread
    • Not much change or updates here. We will move this to a main topic for our next meeting to make a final decision.
  • Badges development participation

    • Follow up on the meeting guide and continue to look for a volunteer for an earlier time zone.
    • Some updates:
      • Some work happening on the backend
      • Meetings have been well attended at times, sometimes just Akash & Onuralp
      • Onuralps perspective is that the meeting is helpful. Sometimes different opinions pop up, which is useful.
      • Two meeting times, alternating, to help with scheduling

Main topic discussions

  • Release Party
    • November 10th & 11th
      • One general presentation about the revamp
      • One internship/Design specific presentation

Next Meeting

This has been the October 2023 Fedora Badges Community Roundtable summary. We encourage you to follow our progress under the badges-team tag on Discussion.

All are welcome to join the efforts in the Fedora Badges channel on Element/Matrix and to join our monthly call. If you are interested specifically in Badges back-end development, feel free to join the Fedora Badges Development channel on Element/Matrix .

The next roundtable meeting will take place on 2023-11-15T13:00:00Zโ†’2023-11-15T14:00:00Z. Join us!