Fedora Badges community social on Thu, 15 Dec @ 16:00 UTC

Hi all! This is a quick reminder that we will have a year-end social for the Fedora Badges community at 2022-12-15T16:00:00Z. This is an open invitation and anyone who cares about Fedora Badges is invited!

@eocarrol and I will be chairing the meeting. It will be hosted on Google Meet. I started a notes document to kick things off. The tentative agenda is copied below:

Part 1: Getting to know each other; roundtable introductions; understanding past, present, and future participation in Badges.

Some icebreaker questions:

  1. Basic intro: Name, location/time zone, FAS ID, about your participation in Fedora
  2. Why do you like Fedora Badges? Or, why do you care about it?
  3. Do you have a favorite part of Fedora Badges? Or a story to share about why Fedora Badges are important to you?
  4. What part of Fedora Badges interests you the most? Design, development, sysadmin/ops, or something else?
  5. What is your top wish for Fedora Badges in 2023?
  6. How would you like to participate in Fedora Badges revamp in 2023?
  7. Describe one positive and one negative part of Fedora Badges.

Part 2: Introducing the CPE Team, the ARC investigation process, resourcing & capacity, and expectations for future community meetings.

  1. Introducing CPE: About the team, who is who, and the CPE team members who are supporting this effort.
  2. ARC investigation process: What it is, how it works, and how it helps us plan effectively for the future.
  3. Resourcing & capacity: What commitments are made for Fedora Badges as of now? How will we work together as a single team to improve the Fedora Badges maintainer and user experience?
  4. Expectations for future meetings: Looking back to the Whenisgood poll, choosing recurring meeting times, and the pace of work.

Looks good! I just checked out Google Meet and that seems to work without a Google account. Not so for the notes document. That requires me to log in and I don’t have, and don’t want, a Google account.

I’ll try to join as well. I am interested in some topics like badges as metadata as part of identity.

I just realized it is not a public document, and I am not seeing an option to make it public. :thinking: It must be some intranet thing. I’ll see what I can do, but otherwise just for today, I can share the screen.

I was also thinking of using HackMD, but that is also a proprietary service to the best of my knowledge. HackMD also becomes unusable in Firefox for me during video calls. If we won’t use Google Docs, then we should figure out a FOSS tool to use for notes and agenda.

We can also use Jitsi in the future, but I hoped to record today’s meet and share it back. As of now, Jitsi Meet no longer provides free recording to Dropbox, which is what I used in the past.

What about https://etherpad.org/

Etherpad is a good idea. We could use the Software Freedom Conservancy’s hosted Etherpad, which also has a friendly privacy policy:


I am in meetings until the social starts, so I can’t copy it over from Google Docs today, but we could use this in the new year. Also, it would make a good topic for the second half of the social too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @jflory7 will you share some notes from the call?

Yes! :+1: I will get a summary posted here before end of day today.

@bogomil, @gui1ty and @jflory7,

I want to add the Fedora Websites and Apps Team’s HackMd space for keeping the notes of the meetings. Fedora Badges, at the end of the day, is a web application and it would be well-suited to have stuff related to it, in a place where we have those for other websites and applications.

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@t0xic0der ^^

It took me a little longer, but I put up the recap in a new Discourse topic below:

I broke this question up into a new post: