Cannot install boot loader



I tried Atomic Workstation but I aways have problems with the end process of the installation. In the machines I tested it always have problems with grub. Never installs it, in any version I’ve tried.


Could you provide any kind of error output or logs from a failed install?



Trying to run the installation again and now it didn’t even finish. Error that I think I had with 28 either:

My language is Portuguese (Brazil):

The following error ocurred during the installation. This is fatal and the installation will be aborted.

ostree [‘admin’, ‘-sysroot=/mnt/sysimage’,‘deploy’,’–os=fedora-workstation’, ‘fedora-workstation:fedora/29/x86_64/silverblue’’ exited with code -6

In Fedora Atomic Workstation 28 I also had the no grub problem.


Are you using the manual partition setup or automatic? BTRFS or LVM? If you hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then Ctrl+b followed by 5, take you post what you see? Any errors?


@miabbott tested today on may very old machine (atom processor, 2GB RAM) without UEFI/EFI and it passed.

@refi64 I used automatic partitioning with ext4. I will try what you suggested.