Silverblue 30 installer failing on baremetal


I tried to install a fresh SilverBlue 30 directly on my laptop after a few tests in a VM. Howver, the installer failed without detailed logs:

The only non-standard thing I can think of is my disk layout:

  • /boot has been mounted on a fresh 512M GPT partition.
  • /boot/efi has been mounted on an existing 200M EFI partition (shared with my current F29).
  • / has been mounted on a fresh LVM logical volume (fedora/silverblue-root) of 18G, alongside my F29 setup. The volume group lives in an encrypted LUKS2 partition.

Any idea of where I should start?


This looks like the following BZ -

It seems there is a problem on EFI systems where another OS has already been installed.

If you can afford to, nuke all the existing partitions from your disk, then try recreating /boot and /boot/efi at install time to see if that helps. YMMV.

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Alternately in another thread, there was the following workaround suggested - Cannot install boot loader - #13 by erubio0