Can´t install silverblue 30, Fatal error

Hello, everybody:
Yesterday I tried to install it, but it sent me the following error. I tried installing it with another USB memory, but I kept getting that message. If anyone in the community could help me, I would be very grateful.
Excuse my English, I’m using the google translator.
Have a nice day.

Could you provide some installation logs?

If your messages are similar to those posted here: Cannot install boot loader - #6 by burni, you could try this solution.

Similar to my post yesterday: Silverblue 30 installer failing on baremetal

I tried to follow the steps of the post you sent me, but I was still with the problem, I do not know which may be the origin of the error. I tried to install silverblue 29 and it shows the same error. I’m thinking it could be a compatibility problem with my computer. I installed the workstation version of fedora 30 and I didn’t have any problems.

It’s the same mistake, could you solve your problem?. My computer is an HP ENVY i5.

I had the same problem but I solved it today using manual partitioning (mounting /boot, /boot/efi, /root, /home and /swap manually) instead of automatic (thanks to @refi64). In my case, I’ve also deleted the GRUB (via Windows) from a previous F29 installation (dual boot).

There’s nothing wrong with automatic partitionning: I suspect you avoided the problem by removing previous EFI entries before the ostree installation.

I wished there was nothing wrong with automatic partinionning but even with the removal of previous EFI entries I got another error (not fatal error) when creating GRUB during the installation (automatic) . I didn’t got any issue when I manually partitioned the disk + previous EFI entries removal of course ! So, you can now draw your conclusion…

I have exactly the same problems you say. I removed the previous EFIs, I tried to install (with automatic partitioning) and I got GRUB installation error (image with that message). I looked for a way to create that GRUB but couldn’t find a correct way to do it. Is it possible that you give me the partitioning table that you occupied in your installation?, I am still a beginner in the subject of how much memory to assign to each partition. Thank you very much for your help, and my apologies for the delay in my answers, I’m a little busy these days.

@andyfr94: Hi, just install it again with manual partitioning. My disk partition was 50Gb big. 20GB for /, 27GB /home, 500Mb /boot and the rest for swap (not necessary if enough memory in the machine). Installation should be properly done without any (other) issue. Hoping that there will be a fix soon.

Make sure you follow the partition guide for the install. There are some limitations on partitions you can find here: Installing Fedora Silverblue :: Fedora Docs

Indeed. It worked for me but it can be hazardous . Just follow the guide like you said. But according to this guide; the manual partitioning is hazardous, we get a non fully functional experience with dual boot and automatic partitioning feat dual boot (EFI) gives fatal errors (according to my personal experience) ! What do we have to conclude here? A lot of improvements/work are needed …