Article series: MAKE more with... Inkscape

A while back I already did talk with stickster, about an article series addressing the Maker community. The background on my side and how it started is, I rework my Inkscape book and test a lot available extensions.
Some interesting extensions for that area are already installed by default in Inkscape like the GCode tools (but their possibilties are badly documented) But there are more like Ink/Stitch, which is a huge suite (with its own emulator) for designing embroidery.
There is also a extension available for PCB design and a lot more interesting for the Maker community.
Currently I working on the papercraft extensions. Working means, I submitted my results as article for the german LinuxUser magazine, some of the articles already published been picked up by US/UK LinuxMagazine.

I would start with the MAKE more with Inkscape part where could be articles published like:

  • font design
  • create stroke fonts (imortant ttf/otf are outline fonts for cutter/plotter fine on engraving/embroidery it creates sometimes trouble and you need stroke fonts) btw. Inkscape brings 3 or 4 stroke fonts by default look under the extensions Hershey-Fonts
  • GCode tools must I explain what GCode is?
  • Ink/Stitch
  • Papercraft extensions
  • PCB design
  • Instrument scale/knob scale designs there are a few extensions for this
  • and for Christmas we might bake some Fedora cookies, where we design a cookie cutter just Inkscape which can be 3D printed (without the need of any 3D program)

If the people like the MAKE more series, it can be extended, I wrote and tested some other interesting programs already like KXStitch for designing X-Stitch embroidery.

So what you think


This sounds like it would be a great series for Fedora Magazine.


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@gnokii I agree with @glb. This sounds like a good series. Can you give us a topic and title for the first article that you want to do? When we have that we can created a Taiga card to track the progress.

We use the Taiga cards to comment on the article as it progresses and to answer questions from the authors, from time to time. It is a handy way of keeping track of the article progress for both the authors and the editors. Also a good place to ask for help about specifics of what you are writing if needed.

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the headline will be always “MAKE more with Inkscape” followed by subtitle. So “MAKE more with Inkscape - the GCode Tools” The first article might be GCode Tools one, as since 0.91 this extension comes with Inkscape by default. The problem with this one is, its not really good documented. I think we agree that a forum is a good place to ask questions and discuss something but not for documentation.
Next might be Ink/Stitch at least I think I have to write this two ones before writing about stroke fonts otherwise people might not understand what a such is used for. But there can be also another one before, no 100% clear plan yet.

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As someone who has used inkscape, I always understood I was not using it to it’s full potential. A series on more details of using Inkscape would certainly be popular and relevant.

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I would never claim to show full potential of Inkscape. I using it since 18 years now and surly count to advanced users but I never would claim to know everything. There are alone if I remember right 12 ways to select objects, I have surly used exotic things like the eggbot but I never used XIA which converts the SVG to interactive HTML5 and JS

I didn’t mean to infer that you would write a full potential article, but on the topic of Inkscape, I know there is more ways to do things with it than I can reasonably assess without becoming an Inkscape expert. At least that is the impression I get. In any case, an article about Inkscape should be done.

+1 from me @gnokii
I’ve created Taiga card #350

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Please let us know if you have questions, and thanks for volunteering to help on the Fedora Magazine.

Yeah imagine, I am an adult frog and clickbaiter :wink: I prefer to write my articles like I used to, means I write them put them into wp and format them and when they ready I will mark them as such one and according to the howto thats still a way to go

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@gnokii That sounds like a good plan. Can you sign in to Taiga so we can assign card #350 to you, please? Your FAS account should give you access.

Ok, its in WP now ready for review, but one thing please dont hit the publish button. It is a series so in should be regularly that the articles come, 3 or 4 weeks. So I want to have at least the second article ready before you publish otherwise I get to much time pressure.

@gnokii Great. We will assign an editor to it and start a review. Having the second article ready is a very good plan.

In the mean time, can you sign in to Taiga so we can assign card #350 to you, please? Your FAS account should give you access. We need you to sign in before we can do the assignment.

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@gnokii Please let us know the name of your next Inkscape article so we can create the next Taiga card to track it.

Thanks for your work!

pluralis majestix?

MAKE MORE with Inkscape - Ink/Stitch, but this article will take a bit longer. First I had to download and install the 2.0 version of this extension, as it changed a few things which must be mentioned. That took a bit longer as I had to download it twice, as the default language trick didnt work, so I had to download the en_US version to and install it, took me a while to find a failure which prevented that some functions did work.
Besides that is Ink/Stitch a bit bigger then GCode Tools more functions to describe, so it will take a while.

And before you ask, next will be Stroke Fonts, I already have installed the extension. I have done stroke fonts before but not with this extension, so I have to figure it out. So please dont push me

Hello @gnokii ,
Certainly take the time you need to in order to make the article you want, please don’t ever feel you are being pressured to perform.
Thank you for taking the time to write a series of articles for Fedora Magazine.

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@gnokii When you are ready, the Taiga card #359 is ready for article " MAKE more with Inkscape - Stroke Fonts" .

Keep us posted on your status on #350 (GCode).

Re: pluralis majestix
There is more than one editor for the Fedora Magazine. “We” share the effort.

@gnokii When you are ready, the Taiga card #361 is ready for “MAKE MORE with Inkscape - Ink/Stitch”

NOTE: All of these are on your time schedule so when you are ready for the first, or any subsequent ones to be PUBLISHED, please let us know.

Honest, 3 messages short behind each other - we use taiga for communication :smiley:

  1. Why I have to “keep you posted about the G Code article” ? He is in wp, and marked ready for the editors, so that isnt me :wink:
  2. There might be more then one editor, but none is so Taiga affine as you :wink: Btw Taiga is a project management tool not a communication platform, you can unfortunately communicate in it.
  3. It can take a while, the simulator doesnt run right now and this was a eye catching feature

    And the maintainer telling me a story right now, about problems on localization, which I cant believe. Its not just about the article would be nice to have it packaged for Fedora but it cant in this way besides the L18N part they also bundle libs, so impossible with our packaging rules.

@gnokii are you saying that we should go ahead and publish the G Code article? You stated in post #11 of this thread that we should wait until you had the next article ready.