Article series: MAKE more with... Inkscape

No I didnt say that, when the next article is ready as I said and this one will be probably in wp again and marked ready for editing and I am surly will tell that here

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I think the inference is that Taiga is a horrible communication method, unless you’re a project member. I believe the discussion area does generate better timely communication from the collective, it’s just not exclusive or filtered as finely. Just my take on it. Great articles BTW!


Yeah, but there are no customizable “metadata” tags associated with these forum threads. The post above is a perfect example of the problem. In Taiga, the cards have a “ready for review” status that can be set to indicate that. Then the editors know at a glance what the status is. With these forum threads, basically the whole thread has to be read from top to bottom to figure out what the state of the article is. That’s not practical when we have several articles in progress that we have to order and assign for editing and publication.

a) some things you must always read from the begin, compare a kanban project management software with a forum is a bit…
b) I write, I have nothing to do with the project management at all, where is the difference when something is marked in wp or taiga?
c) I have also nothing to do with assign someone for editing and publication

so therefore why I need Taiga?

Looking that there is already the status “needs image”

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It is not that you need Taiga (Kanban). It is that we (the editors) need Kanban to keep track of everything. We can make an exception if, for example, someone cannot get their account to work on Taiga. But we cannot track the status of all the articles by (re)reading all the forum posts each week.

But you do! You are the one who knows when the article is ready for publication.

The difference is that the editors use/watch Taiga for article status updates. We do not monitor WP.

If we had a larger staff, maybe we could read and monitor more sources of information. But currently, there are only two editors to monitor/review/edit 25 articles that are in various states of “in progress”. We do not have the time nor the inclination to continuously re-read 25 forum threads to figure out what articles are in what states.

I am willing to do the extra work for you of monitoring this forum thread for status updates and to answer any questions you may have since you do not want to use the Taiga card. But it is the exception, not the rule.

No Doubt about that, Taiga is good for the flow of the project, funny being a PM, it is a drag the topic notification wasn’t more granular. You either enable it or you enable it on topics you comment on or you disable it, not much selection.


@glb is correct in stating that the Taiga project site for Fedora Magazine was setup and intended as a tool for Editors to track the various articles through the stages, providing some cohesion to an otherwise sort of chaotic set of tasks. It is also handy for communicating directly with the post author about details that bring no value to the public conversation of the proposed topic. But often involve finer details about the post presentation, which is of some relevant interest to the Editors. Sorry for getting so far off topic.

@gnoki I realized this morning that I may have come off a bit strong in that last reply. Just to clear, everything is cool. :slightly_smiling_face: We really do appreciate your contributions.

Also, those image look awesome! I wish we had such talent on our Magazine editorial team.

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I agree with that! The images are great.