Inkscapers & Pathmakers Welcome ! | The Inkscape WaterCooler ✍🏾

I’m starting this thread as a place for Inkscape users to come together, talk about releases, notes, techniques, Live Paths Effects, and other Inkscape related things.

If you have trouble with versions of the software, redraws, rendering settings, i will post preferences here to help. Some OpenGL features are new, and many users skim or skip them.

Possibly post art?! Not sure. We’ll talk later.

Welcome Everyone ! :party:

I’m going to post some optimizations for Users experiencing slow rendering within Inkscape :

Important to note, Threads, Rendering Cache, X-ray Radius, Enable OpenGL, Pixel Streaming have been modified. This has improved my performance overall with projects that are MB and higher.

If anyone has any other optimizations, please share them !


These settings are just power thank you still lots of learning to be done to achieve good workflow

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