How are you today?

The world is recovering from Covid.
GPUs are out of stock.
And parts of the world are freezing/on fire.

In these trying times I ask, how areyou? how has your day been?


A little hectic, but thankfully nothing freezing or on fire. I got my Radeon W5700 GPU though and everything runs super-fast with all the options cranked to Ultra, so I have that going for me at least. :slight_smile:


Woo. That’s the workstation version of the 5700 right? Must be a great card for sure.

P.S. Where is everyone? It feels very, empty here.


Not enough people following the "fun categories, I think. Thanks for getting something started… it’ll build. :slight_smile:


Meetings! So many meetings! This whole online meeting thing now means everyone wants to have meetings all the time! :laughing:

Hope everyone is doing well!


Let’s have a meeting about that ?



Join us at Element(a matrix frontend)!


Hey, I only saw this a week later in the weekly summary email. I’m fine today but very busy: Bachelor thesis is due in 6 days. Which Element channel do you mean exactly? (Asking for my one week older self ;))

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I believe Fedora has an official chat matrix room. Though the element UI is very clunky, nowhere near as good as Discord or Signal, and is very lacking in features it seems.

Just search for Fedora in the add room tab in Element and it should pop up

Edit. It looks like there a re a lot of Discord like alternatives. Tox seems pretty nice,

Edit2. Since Element is just a frontend for matrix, any matrix front end should work. Fractal looks great on gnome.

We don’t yet; there are unofficial bridges from IRC right now. We’re working as fast as we possibly can through the Red Hat legal bureaucracy (Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office is going to fund this for us, which is awesome, but it turns out to be rather a process to get it through the financial machine.)


Huh. Then I Guess this is an unofficial one?

Yes. As part of the work once we finally get everything sorted out, all of that will get migrated to the official home server.

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When we eventually do, will it be one monolithic room or will it be divided into many multiple rooms grouped up as a Community( a new feature in Element)?

Coming from other collaboration tools like Slack or Discord, Having to manage multiple rooms for one community was very jarring and difficult. I’m not sure if creating the Fedora Matrix server to be a group of multiple rooms is possible though.

Lots of rooms, just as we have lots of IRC channels. We’ll have to see how we want to use the “Community” feature. We may even want multiple groupings.


Do you or anyone know if it’s planned to also offer (or something like that) for Matrix just like we have email aliases in FAS? I realize (believe?) there’s no aliasing in Matrix (yet?).