First AMD system since Athlon 64

I recently updated my computer at home to an AMD Ryzen 5700x and a 7800 XT. After coming from Nvidia GPUs (1080 Ti this time), having this feeling of “It just works” is really nice.

I don’t think I’ll ever have another Nvidia GPU again. It’s nice having secure boot working from the start instead of setting up a custom certificate.

Wayland is so nice. Thank you developers and maintainers for your work.

Just thought I would share.

Thanks for listening to my TedTalk.


Congrats! Glad to hear you got yourself a nice upgrade and everything is working for you.


Thanks! Microcenter in my area had a great bundle deal so I took advantage of it!


Good move! I love AMD, and use their CPUs exclusively, and have since the AMD Thunderbird line of processors. I switched to just AMD GPUs shortly after the Nvidia 1050. It’s a good thing my switch to Linux coincided with that philosophy.

Oh, and that’s not to say Intel or Nvidia is bad, just a personal choice on my part. I like compatibility and uniformity when it comes to my hardware.

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I haven’t used AMD since Athlon 64 as well, but the next time I need to build a computer, I’ll base it around AMD. If there was an AMD version of my System76 Lemur Pro, i’d have the perfect laptop. :slight_smile:

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Same, I’m waiting for AMD laptop with Coreboot.

I remember those heady Athlon 64 days well :slight_smile:
And, likewise, it was a decade after those days before I purchased another system with an AMD CPU because they went a long time without anything interesting or suitable for what I needed.

Hmm, what I have to say is sad is the lack of any GPU in VMs. For me afaik even my damn old Intel Integrated Graphics gave better performance. Like, GUI VMs barely load at all, which is sad for testing.

Nvidia is going to be better as nvk merged into the kernel so hopefully nividia will be as good as amd cards.

Seems like it has…quite a ways to go. :neutral_face:

I have been building my own systems since the time of … Anyway, I always use AMD for my systems, including this one. I just like their gear, and find it always works with linux and in particular my favourite Linux :fedora_classic: and :fedora: