Newbie - kernel customization for hardware tips?

Hey there!

Long time Linux tinkerer, finally taking the plunge and dailying it. I’ve started off getting used to it running on a Dell Latitude 5480 (i7-7820H, 32GBs of RAM, Nvidia 930M, Toshiba NVMe SSD) and it’s fairly well optimized, even in Fedora 39.

My concern is throwing it on my custom gaming machine, it’s nothing super spectacular or weird, but it’s still concerning having an AMD graphics card and trying to use Wifi and Bluetooth when I know that can be a pain.

Hardware wise we’re talking an i5-12400, AMD RX6700 XT 12GB, 16GBs of 3200MHz DDR4, Samsung 980 Evo 1TB on an Asus TUF B660M-PLUS motherboard, using the built in Intel Wifi and bluetooth card and Realtek audio, as well as the built in Intel wired networking - I’m sharing the ethernet connection for some of our newer stuff so we can keep our TP-Link 1800AX in combined mode and still have 5G.

I guess my overall concern is performance as on top of all of this, I’m playing games off of it using Parsec free-tier, and that adds latency, last thing I need is frametimes being all over the place on top of it. Where could I begin optimizing it? Maybe kernel changes aren’t the best route but open to suggestions.

Start by testing the performance. Do you infact have an issue?

I game on linux with amdgpu using Steam. Performance is great.
Playing Horizon Forbidden West at the moment in 4k for example.

In general I see claiming gaming on Linux has better performance then Windows.