Seeking Advice on Setup with Intel iGPU and Nvidia dGPU

Hey all,

Returning to Linux and seeking feedback on my planned setup with a 13700k & 3060, running KDE spin on Wayland.

Aware of Nvidia and Wayland issues, so I’m considering a hybrid approach using Intel iGPU for everyday tasks (desktop environment, You Tube) and Nvidia dGPU for demanding workloads (processing, gaming). Also thinking of running games via Windows VM pass-through.

Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Is this dual-GPU setup logical given the known Nvidia-Wayland issues? Any potential pitfalls or alternatives?

Thanks in advance!

I use kde spin with nvidia rtx3060 but use X11 not wayland.
I have use steam from rpmfusion to play games. But often i
have to boot into Windows 11 to be able to some games,

Can you run a windows vm and give it the nvidia card at use?
I curious if that is technically possible.

Definitely possible, I have done it in both proxmox and fedora in the past! Here is the proxmox guide but archwiki has one too

I think running the iGPU for fedora and using the dGPU only for passthrough would be my fallback option however it would be nice to be able to hybrid and use both on fedora

It is my understanding that passing thru a GPU for the VM makes it totally inaccessible to the host. YMMV.