Inkscape stoped working on Fedora 39

Hi all.
I’m using Fedora since the last year around May after many years working on Win and Mac. I do video post production and motion graphics design so I use mainly Inkscape, gimp, blender and davinci resolve. Until now I was able to find a solution for some problems I had and I’m quite happy running both my laptop and desktop PCs. Unfortunately a few days ago Inkscape stoped working, I needed to keep working on a project so I uninstall the flatpak I was using and installed Inkscape from repo. It didn’t work, so I downgrade the program with:

sudo dnf downgrade inkscape

That made the trick and I could keep working yesterday all day. at the end of the day I ran a upgrade from terminal an some packages got updated. The problem is that today I couldn’t get Inkscape to work anymore, I upgraded, downgraded, get the flatpak and it refuses to start.

this is the message I get wen I try to start the program:

And I get this message if i try to roun Inkscape from terminal:


Emergency save activated!
Emergency save completed. Inkscape will close now.
If you can reproduce this crash, please file a bug at
with a detailed description of the steps leading to the crash, so we can fix it.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

And finaly here are my laptop specs:

Kernel: 6.6.13-200.fc39.x86_64 
CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ (8) @ 3.800GHz 
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile 
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 
Memory: 2954MiB / 23911MiB 

Anyone with the same issue?
Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Which flatpak were you using? The Fedora flatpak would be likely to behave similarly to the RPM version. You might try the Flathub version to see if that works any better.

A similar crash is reported here: 2256769 – Inkscape crashes on startup

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I have tried both, first the fedora version and the flathub’s and it’s the same problem.
I’m looking in to distrobox right now to see if I can get it to work that way.
Thanks for your interest.

– Edit –
I reinstalled the flatpak from Fedora and now it works. Fortunately, I need it to continue working.
Hope this stays like this.

I have installed many things and move some things around in this laptop, maybe I need a fresh install after this seven or eight months. What do you think about that?

Today Inkscape (flatpak from Fedora) doesn’t work again. This is really rare, never had this problem with any other program.
Help! :sweat_smile:

I use inkscape, regularly, but likely not as frequently as you do. Currently I cannot get it to crash. The only thing I can think may be causing this is possibly your GPU as it is nvidia and mine is AMD. This would align with updates/upgrading to introduce issues for you. This is just a suggestion though as I am able to use my inkscape through the last number of upgrade of Fedora. My installation is the RPM from Fedora repos.

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Hi Stephen
Thank yo for your suggestion. I think this will be fixed eventually with future updates, fortunately I now at home and working at my desktop PC, that I keep slightly behind the current updates. There I still can run Inkscape and keep up with my work. I guess I just will keep mi desktop in this version and wait for this bug to get fixed.

I experienced the same issue the other day. I’m also running Fedora 39 with Nvidia GPU. I looked through their Gitlab issues and found that a few people have mentioned it lately in connection with the recent update.

I solved it by going one version back and installing an AppImage directly from their website:

it launched and worked for me, also :slight_smile:
curious, keep us posted

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Hey! Thank you Yotam. It just works.
I totally forgot about appimages, this is way simpler than trying to setup a container with distrobox (witch I’m curious about and going to try anyway) .
Thanks again, I’m able to keep working away from my desktop PC. I’m happy.


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I’m currently using Inkscape ! but I use the Flatpak from Flathub. I have a practice of when I am working on Projects that are timely, I do not update/upgrade my machine until the projects are done.

If you have had trouble with the flatpaks, and are installing/re-installing them it’s always good to do : flatpak uninstall --delete-data org.xxxx.xxxx to completely remove any config files and app data left over.

Hi hammerhead
Thank you for your advice

I do this as well on my desktop PC as I use this one for all my clients work, however some times when I’m away From my desktop PC I need to get things done on my laptop, which was the case at the time I started this topic. I update my laptop more frequently and do all my experimentation on this machine to keep learning new things.

Didn’t know about this, I will definitely take a look at this, Is always good to have many options.


I have been working on an Inkscape Project Run for over a week ( 3 Projects, 2 Experimental Projects, 1 Personal project). No shutdown, no update/upgrade, nothing at all. As a former QA/QC I have the habit of maintaining the state of my machine until I reach “reasonable project end”. It keeps issues or state of machine as is and anything that happens is reproducible.

If you are having Inkscape issue outside of this please post. :+1:t5:

Thank you for your interest. I’m running Inkscape successfully on my laptop via appimage as @yotamguttman suggested, In my PC keeps running fine with a version from repo (wich I prefer).
SO no bug deal until now. If something fails or I can reinstall the repos’s version on my laptop I will post it here.


which version did you install? I’m actually experiencing issues with the Appimage. I’ve reported it.

it can perform all graphic tasks and so on… but I cannot drag ANYTHING in the interface which makes it quite unbearable to work with it.
[inkscape-bug-sr-01.mp4 - Google Drive](https://screen recording of the issue)

when I launched the same version on Windows it all worked splendidly… quite annoying.

Hi Yotam
I was using the version they provide on the official page with any problems. I actually used widely for a few days. I even remember I actually drag and drop some references and colour palettes in to my working document without any issues.

I think you should try to update to 6.7.3-200 kernel. which is the latest available as i write this. I just update my laptop a few days ago and try the inkscape version from repo today, and it just works. I now updates my desktop PC and it works also there.

Hope it helps. Cheers!

hi thanks for the tip.

just to be clear, did you mean I should update my OS (Linux kernel) because I keep my OS up to date regularly.

That’s I did. I keep up to date my laptop, my desktop is on the last actualization I got everything working on my laptop.

You can just see if something is new doing

sudo dnf update --refresh

If you see a newer kernel yo can decide to try with that one.

I just do that yesterday and now the version of Inkscape from the repository works fine and I prefer using that. But is just my preference.


you mean the Inkscape you downloaded flathub?

Actually I reinstalled the Inkscape version from the Fedoras official repository with: sudo dnf install inkscape Prior to this I was using de appimage provided in the Inkscape official webpage. Any of the two versions from Flathub where working for me.

If you have the lastest in kernel 6.7.3-200.fc39.x86_64 I think you can install from repo too if you want.

You can find out which kernel you are using running uname -r

in my case this command gives me:

uname -r

And I have inkscape running.


I’ve run this command and it gives me one version above you:

however, I’ve run the updates you suggested about and reinstalled the flatpak version of Inkscape and it works. as part of the troubleshoot I also unplugged my graphics tablet before booting the system (it was a recommended solution to the problem on Gitlab). so I’m not sure what of all the solutions resolved the crashing. now the programme runs flawlessly!

thanks for your advice.

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Inkscape Rendering Performance upgrade

I’ve been running Flatpak Inkscape consistently and do not have issue. Just last night I tweaked my settings to get better performance on larger images. Scrolling was lagging a bit and having Trace layers below my Path layers lagged as well. Here is a screenshot of Preferences :

What I changed :
Number of Threads : from 1 > 4
Rendering Cache size : 1024 > 4096
X-Ray radius from 100 > 400

I also have Pixel Streaming Method set to > Asynchronous

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