Feedback on Fedora Brand Guidelines booklet!

Hi everyone!

I have an update on the Fedora Brand Guidelines booklet! Here I will be featuring the front cover, table of contents, the “What is Fedora?” pages and also the “Colors” pages! The table of contents page isn’t accurate yet but I’m also planning to add a “What To Do and What Not To Do” section as well in regards to the logo.

Let me know what you think!


This is amazing!

What is the expected delivery format? (I hope something we can put on, and not just a PDF booklet…)

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I believe the plan is to do both! So have it as a PDF but to also have it on the docs as well.


This is great, @jesschitas!

I suggest changing the orientation of the backgrounds ‘chits’ so they each point to the top-right, towards the beginning of the paragraph. Right now, the fifth page is a little visually discordant because the “petals” of the Four Foundations “flower” haven’t been reoriented, as the backgrounds of the ‘chits’ have been oriented on page 7.

Other than that, the visual design is excellent!


Thanks! I kept the petals on page 5 in their original orientation but I can see where youre coming from by having them point to the top of the paragraph. But, I can always try with them pointed at the top of the paragraph too! Thanks for the feedback though!


On colors: @duffy made a colorblind-safe(r) version of the palette for me:

That is, in suggested order of use:





I’d love to see something like this included — either this set or an updated / revised one.


This looks great! I could do an accessibility section maybe and add them colours into it?


One of the most exciting lectures I’ve heard when we’ve helped to bootstrap infographics school in Minsk was about design and how humans consume information. As an engineer, though, I would appreciate when more of these concepts were explained on open source, rather than taken for granted.

In design people spend year meditating and experimenting over different aspects of that discipline, so they naturally come experts in the field and don’t need things to be explained, but for the rest of us it would really appreciate for some reference materials.

When comparing designs to SRE, we all know how to open a terminal and install web server with some media library for home machine. But that’s doesn’t cover even a 0.1% of everything that SRE really includes. That’s why Google published its SRE books for free. So that more people can understand (and practice) what SRE is about.

I want to believe that the goal of community project, such as Fedora as the Public Good, is somewhat similar - bring people from the ground of drawing a nice logo to a level of understanding, measuring and appreciating the impact that design produces.