Update on Fedora Brand Guidelines Booklet! (looking for feedback)

Hi everyone!

We are nearly there finishing up the Fedora Brand Guidelines Booklet but I wanted to show off the final version of the book and see what ye think!

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hello @jesschitas ,
I think this work looks excellent! Thank you for this most excellent work!

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Thank you @jesschitas!

I have one small comment — on page 8, could we say “Logos from different Fedora Subprojects” (or “sub-projects” — I don’t have a strong opinion about the punctuation…) rather than “Fedora Projects”? I think that’s less confusing. Just “different Fedora Projects” implies that these might be whole completely different things.


Oh, and … I’m having a little bit of a hard time reading the white text on some of the colored-background pages. Maybe just me?

Me too, especially pages 10 and 18.

This is great, by the way!

I thickened up the transparency of the veil that I had over the graphic to increase a contrast between the background and the text. I also increased the font size as well. Here are screenshots of Page 10 and 18, lemme know what you think!


I just posted underneath an update on page 10 and 18! Replying here for visibility

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that looks easier to read! The orange one especially, but then again, once this is printed it’s probably clearer than it looks on a screen anyway.


The green from our color palette is definitely mellower in print than on-screen!