A sneak peek at Fedora Zine

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So my Outreachy internship is winding to a close, as is the creation of the first-ever edition of our very own Fedora Zine!

It has been a crazy journey so far and I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this awesome project, especially getting to see and work with all of these great submissions from the community. I have learned so much; from how to balance my design visually, how to pair fonts and use other typographic effects, how to use guides for a perfectly aligned design and also that you should read your printing specs very, very carefully before getting to work on a project☺. A huge thank you goes to my mentor, Marie Nordin, who has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through this whole process!

Now is the time for me to give you all a sneak-peek at what we have been working on for the past two and a half months.


In the gallery below you can see a small sample of the different pages of the zine:

  • ![|650x1024](upload://hdmy3rFvbVJnMooes60smeMBrk5.png)I started off by re-working all the awesome Fedora team infographics that Smera Goel created in the previous round of Outreachy internships. I adjusted the designs to fit into the new size page/template.
  • ![|647x1024](upload://fF62cklHI6pRkFp7jnj6jfuKTDB.png)A call for contributions seemed like an obvious thing to do and I wanted to make sure it was unique and eye-catching.
  • ![|650x1024](upload://rk2JgfXhjKfiYlJac4utgrT4p9I.png)I remixed a graphic art submission to highlight the four foundations of Fedora.
  • ![|1024x766](upload://yZfJ8npIcyDkbNaLCct4c44pqdL.png)Fedora’s vision & mission statements are an important base for Fedora. I created a spread for each paired with cool photo submissions.
  • ![|650x1024](upload://mttTrJ3kVOvzJV2HhDXURk4DqaL.png)I overlaid photo and traditional art submissions with other text and graphic elements.
  • ![|651x1024](upload://44TbAAG8U8Ho7GulXqnDvbeAyKc.png)I overlaid photo and traditional art submissions with other text and graphic elements.
  • ![|650x1024](upload://fll0sRH7rvcO9XFgp7H924CBsRq.png)And of course, a credits page to acknowledge all the wonderful contributions from the community in this edition of the zine!

And a quick flip through a mock-up of the zine:

Submissions for this edition of the zine are now closed, but you can still contribute! Follow the steps here to submit your art – and it may be featured in future editions of the zine!


Hello @elladaniels ,
That looks great, I am definitely looking forward to the print.


Will Fedora Zine be open to music made with Fedora ?

Possibly, although it is literally a printed paper artifact, so I’m not sure how that would work.

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OK, thanks.