Official Fedora Swag?

I started to look around for official Fedora merch and ran across but it looks a bit outdated. The Red Hat Store link is out of date, and as far as I can tell the RH store isn’t carrying any Fedora swag that I could find. The unixstickers link is only kinda valid, it looks like the only way to get a Fedora sticker from there is through the Ultimate Pack. It does seem that the hellotux link is functional but the options are fairly limited. I see some options at redbubble, but I’m pretty sure that is just random people slapping uploaded logos on various products. So are there any other options?


Improving our swag is on the list of things to do. In the meantime, I’m wearing a Fedora sweatshirt from HELLOTUX that I really like. I also have a polo from them. They do all of their design work on Linux as well.


That is awesome that they actually use Linux for the design work! I did eventually run across the Fedora Magazine Article talking about that. Definitely a great operation! I wonder how well the embroidery works on a t-shirt? That is certainly unique.

The various products up on redbubble, are those usages OK? I haven’t actually looked at whether the quality is decent or anything of that sort, but if the usage is a bit on the shady side I will steer clear.

Oh no, now you’ve gone and made work for me. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of the Council granting authorization for usage on products on Redbubble. I’ll look into that.

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The current usage on Redbubble is not authorized. We’re working on a solution.