Fedora Operating System Stickers

Our business is removing all Microsoft Windows and all Microsoft software products from our clients desktops and laptops

When we carry this out we remove all Microsoft stickers, and identification from Windows.

We want to know can Fedora of Red Hat provide any stickers for us to replace the Windows stickers ?


I will refer to you to these two-post, then you will print as your preferences provider:

From the community:


Post in fedora Magazine:

Or this one:



Unfortunately, Unix Stickers doesn’t have a Fedora pack anymore. And, we don’t recommend Redbubble — anything you see there is unauthorized and should be reported both to Redbubble and to Fedora Legal. (It is our determination that they are not of high enough quality to represent our brand well.)

We are working to find another solution. We have an order of promo materials in the works right now which will go to Fedora contributors and attendees of virtual events, and hopefully soon will have something like the Cool Stuff Store.


See attached image of all we can put on at this time (Intel would not like this as it’s borderline copyright infringement), People have no idea about Linux here in my neck of the woods

Our goal is to spead the narrative of truth about what the windows operating system is really doing in the background for our business clients and offer RedHat and Fedora as the goto daily driver.

Would Fedora ever offer paid support to business/enterprise clients or would it have to be RHEL exclusive for that service?

I am not sure on how stable Fedora is for office use but so far the only issue has been video card issues for me and power management issues on laptops.

We utilise a supplier who supplies A grade stickers for most distros, I will try to get him to quote on some Fedora stickers, he didn’t have them at the time but they are of exceptional quality. For other linux related branding.

We have a few more but they are very expensive and he doesnt do bulk orders. We don’t recommend debian or Arch but that’s all he had.

The quality is very good however./

Fedora as a project won’t, and Red Hat will only support product (e.g., RHEL). There may be smaller consulting companies who would take a Fedora engagement.

If they are high quality, we would be happy to work with the vendor in getting them authorized.


@mattdm : are Sticker Mule authorised? Their stickers are quite good. We got some for NeuroFedora after the design team had created the stickers for us:


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I think that’s what Unixstickers was actually using, and I also think we’ve used them for swag orders before. But unlike Redbubble, they sell in bulk to authorized users, rather than direct to consumers. (Unless they have a storefront I’m not aware of.)

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We want to move hundreds more of clients over to Fedora this year from Windows 7 and Windows 10 Home premium, already converted many systems.

So it would be great to get some official OEM stickers to help endorse and grow the Fedora brand.

Fedora seems to run a bit “snappier” as compared to RHEL,

Is there a recommended hardware setup for Fedora to run optimally,

i.e Intel vs AMD
Nvidia vs AMD

hard drives etc

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This is where we purchased some of ours from I believe, they have Fedora too. I will contact them today, thanks for reminding me.

Not that I’m aware of. Intel is more FOSS friendly of course. Its best to start a new thread about this (since the topic here is about stickers).


Hey @bennyisaiah I talked to @riecatnor and we’d love to send you a stack of stickers to help spread the Fedora love. Can you file a ticket in the budget tracker with how many you’d like and your shipping info (you can mark it private, of course).


Wow @mattdm …that’s incredible. Thank you kindly. I will thank you.

I would also love to talk to the fedora managers about some ideas and thoughts I have about fedora for maths and physics students.

Thanks again

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There aren’t really any “Fedora managers” that decide what Fedora is to do. The community decides what direction we take, and what products we produce. If you want to discuss how Fedora can aid a particular target audience, please start a discussion with the community on one of the mailing lists, perhaps the -devel mailing list.


Take a look at the docs here to learn more about how the community works:

We already have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that produce different artefacts to target specific audiences:



Thank you very much, I will check that out

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Hi there Matt,

I tried to access the area you mentioned but I get a strange error below.

Sometimes it works and gets me half way but then it kind of gives a similar access error message

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Yes it worked thank you. after a reboot.