Using kvantum/qogir theme for Okular

What about the gtk theme?

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As for the header issue. I think that the kvantum Qogir theme is either broken or not compatible with gnome. All other kvantum themes I tried work fine.

That being said, the titlebar seems to be quite the pain under gnome. The solution that seems to produce the best result is to set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gnome which uses qgnomeplatform

If you are using wayland you need to launch okular with:

QT_QPA_PLATFORM="xcb" okular
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As a tangential comment, not related to the theme issue:

Okular is pretty nice for annotation etc. However, I recently realised that some (all?) of this is now available in Evince too, which is the default Gnome PDF viewer. So I just use that on Gnome now:

I haven’t used Okular in a while (mainly because it pulls in KDE deps that I want to avoid installing).

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Lately I asked myself why the heck I do have them installed. Thanks for that. Evince works also under Mate Desktop and it just installs 2 Files.

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Thanks for the suggestions and putting in the work, @dalto, but those suggestions—i.e., using QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gnome and QT_QPA_PLATFORM="xcb" okular—still don’t fix the misapplication of the theme. I suppose I’ll just have to use another theme for okular; not a huge issue, just irritating.

The minute evince gets tabs, I’m in. :wink:

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Doesn’t look like this will happen any time soon, unfortunately:

Could you not achieve the results I shared above or are those results not close enough from a theme perspective?

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They didn’t do anything to fix the “title bar” issue being white; i.e., I couldn’t get my system to obey the theme like you were able to accomplish from your screenshot.

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Not good.

I am sure we could get it there. There shouldn’t be anything magical about my system.

I would see if it is working in X11. If it is, then we can figure it out how to get it working in your wayland session.

Okay, riddle me this one. I logged in to an xorg session, set the theme in qt5ct, and it displayed correctly (even though qt5ct complained that it wasn’t set up correctly); I then set the theme back to adwaita-dark (which is what I’ve been using while trying to figure this out. Logged out, logged back into a wayland session, ran qt5ct, set qogir, and for no apparent reason it works perfectly.



Strike my previous post… Logging in this morning and firing of okular for some grad work, I discovered it back to all its ugly wrongly themed qogir glory. :cry:

Well, “fihi ma fihi.”

make a difference?

Is this a flatpak?

No to both. :frowning: