Okular not themed in Gnome

I’m running gnome.Dark Style turned ON in Setting. Just installed okular. But it doesn’t look consistent with rest of the system. qgnomeplatform appears to be installed though. Any help is appreciated.

Please use the extension gnome-tweaks and change in “Appearance” > “Legacy Applications” to the theme of your choice.

It might be an issue with adwaita-qt. Does dnf remove adwaita-qt fix the UI issues?

Thanks. Did not help (The option is already set in gnome-tweaks).

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adwaita-qt not installed

$ sudo dnf remove adwaita-qt
No match for argument: adwaita-qt
No packages marked for removal.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

There are two version, version 5 & 6.
Use asterisk to show / remove all of them.
sudo dnf info adwaita-qt*

I only had adwait-qt5 and I have removed it already. Removing adwaita-qt5 removed qgnomeplatform-qt as well.

And what is the result? Still the same?

Yes. Fixed it kvantum.

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