PDF Viewer - How to align Okular better with fedora?

So while I was searching for an PDF Viewer which comes as close as possible to PDF Expert (on OSX) I ended up installing Okular.
Especially because it supports tabs.

So far so good.
I’m missing still some features, so I’m still trying to tweak it to my taste.
For instance the skin doesn’t align with my gnome-environment.
I’m using a dark theme but okular is still default grey.
Under XFCE this seems to work well out of the box, at least I experienced it under Manjaro XFCE.

Does anyone know how to change the okular skin in fedora?

Also everytime I hit close this warning about several open tabs pops up. It comes with a checkbox which should disable this dialog once and for all, but it keeps coming back every time I’m about quitting a window with several tabs.

Otherwise does anyone can recommend a better PDF solution under fedora?

I’ll keep on searchin, but maybe someone has already tweak this on their installation.

You looking for that ?Use gnome tweak tool and set Appearance Themes Applications Adwaita-dark

Ha, that’s interesting.
Thanks for your input.
I’m already well aware of gnome-tweak-tools but I’m not using the adwaita-dark theme, but flat remix dark theme.

Anyhow, I did inform the maintainer.
This seems to also occur to any other third party dark theme, at least the ones I tested.

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I think this is relevant here and should answer your question:


Okular is written in Qt, as part of the KDE suite of tools, and I think these tools do not pick up all the theming of Gnome.

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Oh wow, cool. Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately I’m looking for a XServer-Solution. :grimacing:
I’m using a NVIDIA card, so I’m more or less handicapped in this situation, because as far as I know wayland doesn’t really goes well with the nvidia drivers.

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