How Uniform look for Qt and GTK on Fedora 32?

Hi guys. How can I make the appearance of the GTK and Qt applications uniform on the system?


If you’re using Adwaita (or Adwaita-dark) as your theme, they are quite uniform. It looks like you aren’t.


I’m using Flat Remix, but some applications (Ghostwriter, for example) don’t switch the theme along with the rest of the system.

Adwaita is the default GNOME theme and adwaita-qt is a style for Qt applications to look as native as possible when run in GNOME. I don’t know any other theme that has a similar style for Qt applications, maybe there is one, maybe there isn’t.

You can also try the tips in this guide, but be prepared to be disappointed.


Ok! Thanks for your help @alexpl !

Have you tried qgnomeplatform and the adwaita-qt packages? Seems to work quite well, I haven’t used KDE and Qt in a long time, though, so I can’t say how accurate it is.

sudo dnf install qgnomeplatform adwaita-qt4 adwaita-qt5
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