Inconsistant titlebar icons for wayland apps

This has been going on for quite some time and since Fedora now has Wayland as default for both GNOME and KDE it’s probably time to figure out what is going on and get it resolved, either by fixing it on the Fedora side if it’s us or nudging upstream with the correct solution. In Wayland the titlebar icons aren’t consistent. Some wayland apps are displaying the correct app icon, whereas others are displaying the default wayland app icon. Here is a sample from some apps running on my system.

You can see from the photo that Yubico Authenticator and CopyQ are displaying the default icon. I’ve reached out to upstream and they aren’t quite sure what is going on. They report they have tested with weston and things appear to be working correct… however they aren’t working correctly in Fedora.

Another interesting fact… Fx in Fedora (as shown in the photo) displays the app icon correctly. I downloaded Fx Nightly which now uses wayland and it displays the generic wayland icon. So something is definitely going on.

Does anyone know what is happening? This is a fit and finish issue, and as such is important. It looks a bit sloppy for this not to be working correctly and consistently. If it’s a Fedora issue, we should fix, and if it is upstream we should be letting them know how to resolve if we know.

When you say “Wayland”, what specific window managers do you have in mind?

GNOME’s mutter by default doesn’t show icons (I can try reenabling to check) - so maybe kwin and sway?

I’m using Fedora KDE Plasma, so in my case it’s kwin. It appears it’s possible to get it to work correctly, but some upstreams are definitely having an issue with it - including Mozilla.

Fix information can be found below. It’s generally a one line change. Fixes for yubiaoth-authenticator and copyq are now in updates-testing and should roll to production within a week. I’ve notified firewalld and tellico upstreams.
Set proper window identification for wayland: Set QGuiApplication::desktopFileName


Sample fixes can be found here:

More information here:

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