US International keyboard layouts gone after upgrade to F34

Hi, I am bilingual and use English and Irish. Irish has acute accent marks called fadas. It has quite a lot of them. I type 95 wpm so using a compose key isn’t a great option for me. For years I have used the U.S. International keyboard layout, and it is great - I can hit the ’ key without a compose key and be able to type fadas at the same pace I type all other letters.

I upgraded both of my systems to F34. One system was F30, the other was F33. Both had functioning non-compose key based input of acutes via the US International keyboard layout. This layout is now gone.

Can somebody help me understand why this disappeared and/or how I can input my second language on Fedora without requiring the use of a compose key? Any tips / advice / commiseration appreciated, cheers!


In GNOME Settings under Keyboard, what Input Sources are shown and what are available when you hit the +?

On mine, just English (US) is enabled, but many are available including a number of English (US, intl. …) variants.

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I’m a compose key user, but sparingly — primarily so I can type people’s names correctly, plus that sweet, sweet em dash.

So I can’t help with a lot more details, but maybe this helps?

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OMG I went so far as to determine the component to file against (xkeyboard-config) and then figured out this is a GNOME usability issue… :woman_facepalming:

So here I am trying to add the US international keyboard layout - go to the keyboard dialog in gnome-control-center:


(I made this beautiful multiscreenshot explanation and discourse will not let me post more than one screenshot per post as a new user so lets see if it rate limits me as I do one reply per screenshot. Discourse is being very mean here)

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(I had to wait 20 seconds before sending this, THANKS DISCOURSE)

I click the + at the bottom:

So I don’t see the international layout here so i click the … button at the bottom:

(I am waiting on a feature related to our SSO so that we can automatically promote folks in existing Fedora Account groups to non-newbie status, which should alleviate some of that pain for people in the future.)

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I type ‘international’ to search for us international… nothing

i try typing ‘english’ … it’s not there (and why some of these search results appear seems inscrutable)

At this point I posted here for help, and in playing aroudn with the dialog, here on the first screen / state:

I accidentally clicked on Arabic (Egypt) trying to click cancel and noticed it’s not a layout, it’s a folder… :woman_facepalming:

So I went back and clicked on English (US) and there it was (further down than this screenshot shows lol)

There’s no visual indication that these are folders… or that they are ‘language groupings’ rather than layouts… and it is also strange that going to the … list and seaching doesn’t turn up these layouts… or maybe it does but still keeps them obfuscated under the parent ‘folder’… I swear I am not stupid… but also why was my layout lost anyway in the first place? I probably last set this up before this dialog was redesigned.

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That would be great if it could note Ive been working on Fedora for 17 years because that took 2 minutes (20s x 6 replies rate limited) longer than it should have, after making a significant time investment to post some useful feedback that perhaps an upstream bug could point to and finding out after - after it let me merrily post image after image in the single reply that would never be allowed - that I was going to lose it unless I allowed the system to bully me like this) GAH

I’m really not that mad, I dont expect much more from discourse

(I swear I am not as mad or pissy as what I am writing sounds read outloud!)

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We get a non-trivial number of people signing up to post spam, unfortunately. That means the increasing trust levels really are important. Otherwise we might have to resort to manually approving people, which would be frustrating in a different way.

Well but the problem is not just that. The problem is the system allowing me to do something that costs me time & effort that it knows is wasted because after spending time and effort it tells me I need to throw it away or be punished.

The discourse bug here is: “If a user isn’t approved to post more than one piece of media per reply, tell them that before they upload image #2, not after they’ve uploaded 7 of them”

I went to file a bug with upstream GNOME and they are well-aware thankfully:

Also looks like there are some redesign draft mockups available, I was excited to see them

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Hi Máirin
If the issues is not resolved soon, and your keyboard is of type pc105 (an extra key between the Z key on the left and the Caps key, then for a while you could consider using the Canadian French layout. (CA).
It has many of the combined overstrikes keys to make up almost any symbols over the letters.
àáÁÀ. For the most part, all the rest of the keyboard layout is the similar to the US English layout or perhaps the British layout (because of £ ±¢¤¬³¼½¾ and more is included)­.