Strange keyboard layout

Hi – I have a strange keybord layout. I’m using a full sized UK layout but when i disconnect the keyboard and try to use the laptop keyboard, it seems to mess up.

For example,

“M” “m” comes up as “0”. “0” comes up as *


Any idea how I can reset the keyboard layout? I’ve done some digging and there seems to be a “broken pipe”, when trying to set the layout in the terminal. Says invalid.

I should clarify that my laptop keyboard isn’t a “full one” and the USB one I use, is. Fedora assumes that I have a full keyboard layout.


I guess that if you have different keyboards with different layouts, that you also will need to set different layouts for each of the keyboard, i.e. different “Input Sources”. I am not aware of mechanisms that allow to automatically switch between such layouts if a different keyboard is active, so you need to switch manually, which can be done using a keyboard shortcut.

How it works in detail depends on the desktop environment you use.

So I have two different keyboards, as hardware and have tried to switch between them using different inputs (software) but they all show up as extended layout which reders my laptop keyboard unusable.

What happens if you boot with only the laptop keyboard and use it for logging in, then attach the USB keyboard?

I would guess that then the system should recognize the differences and act accordingly since the laptop keyboard is configured as an input before the USB one and the system should see the differences.

It doesn’t have any effect at all. I will note that when I installed Fedora, I had the USB keyboard attached, so maybe it pernmently configured the keyboard?

Assuming you’re running Gnome.
Can you go under Settings Keyboard Inport Sources and define another input source/layout?