Can I remap my keyboard to feel like my old system: macOS with Apples keyboard


I’m new with Linux and new with this Lenovo hardware. Can I change my keyboard more familiar layout:
Left Alt → Ctrl
Left Super/Windows → Alt
Left Ctrl → Super or just another Ctrl

I think xmodmap could be the answer, but I have no idea how to use that so that my keyboard layout would be like I wanted.

If someone can help, it would be wonderful. Otherwise I love Fedora.

.: naswaldo

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In Gnome; Activities → Settings → Keyboard Shortcuts

Does it not allow to assign one of your desired key combinations to the Action "change keyboard layout". Can’t test it myself right now, but I would image this is possible.

you are aware that in gnome,by default, super + space changes the layout ?!

This can be done from gnome tweaks → Keyboard & Mouse → Additional Layout Options.

If tweaks is not available it can be installed with
sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks