Custom Super Key and using a Mac Keyboard

Having used Macs for years, I find CTRL key position very difficult to use for common tasks like CTRL-W to close a browser tab, CTRL-P to print, and so on. My ingrained muscle memory wants the key just left of space (COMMAND on Mac KB).

I have played with Gnome Tweaks and KB Settings in Fedora but can’t get what I need. So I am now thinking of getting a Mac keyboard (which I type best on and like for reduced strain) but I can’t get that to work unless I can assign super key to a custom key (in this case the CMD key on Mac KB).

Does anyone know if there’s a GUI tool that will enable this? Thanks

You may have already come across this, but if not - in the additional layout options section under keyboard in tweaks, there’s this section that solved a similar issue for me:

Thanks, yes I have tried all those but none seem to do what I need. The only relevant one seems to be “Ctrl is mapped to Alt” but unfortunately it is followed by “Alt to Win”. That second part messes stuff up, as “Win” is my super key!

For a Mac keyboard, I don’t know what it calls the CMD key, so I need to customise the setup completely after assigning the key manually since Linux doesn’t know I am using a Mac KB!

Ah, gotcha, apologies - I had missed that section initially myself, so figured it was worth a shot.

In my case, I have a mac layout logitech keyboard, not an official apple one, so it was a close enough workable solution for me.

I can do some poking around later, but imagine all of that section in tweaks is written in an editable config file somewhere, so something like dconf Editor may be a solution, but it’s overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

Out of curiosity, if you go into regular gnome settings and keyboard shortcuts, can you pick a random action to assign a shortcut to (doesn’t matter, just don’t save it) and click your super key to see what gnome thinks it is/recognizes it as by default? I think it should be but not positive.

ha, no worries thanks. I’d love to know the model or a link to the keyboard you’re using. I used a logitech MX Master mouse (used it on mac) and absolutely love it, so I might look into that keyboard.

actually, I think you’ve just reminded me how I did this before! A year or two ago I played around with getting Fedora to run on my macbook pro. Many weeks of stress but I got things pretty good. The camera was crappy though and I do a lot of video conference stuff so I decided to crush my love of apple HARDWARE (old stuff, 2013) and just sell it and get a real computer :smiley:
I remember doing something to get the CMD key to work for most actions like closing browser tabs, I suspect that’s how I did it.

However I am a bit confused, maybe settings changed. I have a windows keyboard at the moment, and I can’t get close tab to work, it just closes Brave (whole thing, closing window instead of tab). I’m hoping when I get the keyboard I want to keep, I will find a way to close tab rather than quitting my browser a thousand times a day, then finding something to kick each time :smiley: