How-to: swap command (⌘) and control (⌃) keys on Apple keyboards

Being a long time mac user, I got so acustomed to the Cmd+[Letter] shortcuts, that I would like keep using the Cmd key instead of Ctrl for the Ctrl+[Letter] shortcuts on my Fedora desktop running on macs. This is not only a muscle memory issue, but also ergonomy related, given than, on Apple keyboards, the Ctrl key is oddly positioned, and is missing on the right-hand side.

I intended to post this as a question (given that I only found solutions specifically for Xorg, but not for Wayland), but I’ve figured it out in the meantime. It was right in front of my eyes. I somehow new it should be in GNOME Tweaks, only that I kept searching for Super, or Meta, or Cmd key references, and totally ignored the Win key reference.

So I’m posting it as a solution, should other mac/former mac users need it:

  • Open GNOME Tweaks (install from the repos if not already installed)
  • Navigate to Keyboard → Additional Layouts Options → Ctrl position
  • Check the Swap Left Win with Left Ctrl and Swap Right Win with Right Ctrl boxes.

Should you run Fedora in a VM, make sure there are no overlaps between host and guest OS shortcuts.