Ubuntu 19.10 live usb does not boot

I want to try Ubuntu 19.10 on a live usb on my Dell Precision 5510. Fedora 30 is installed.
It does not boot using UEFI as should. It indicates briefly “file /boot/ not found” then I get the usual menu (Try Ubuntu/install Ubuntu etc.) then, whatever I choose, I get a black screen.
I have checked that the iso has been correctly written, and it boots fine on another machine.
Also it does boot in legacy mode, which I have never used before. I have been trying linux distros on live usb for ages, and it is the first time this is happening. I am wondering if it has anything to do with Fedora being installed first on my machine. Any clues ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @elax75,
Fedora generally lives well in multi-boot setups, and I would be surprised if it was the issue that is causing you grief. I would first make sure the Unbuntu Live Image is okay, do the checksums match.
Welcome to the community, did you check with Unbuntu support forums?

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When booting from a live USB image it does not matter what you have installed on the SSD/HDD. My best guess here is that there could be a problem because of Nvidia Optimus. Probably blacklisting the nouveau kernel module can help (kernel parameter something like modprobe.blacklist=nouveau, if I remember well). Not sure, though, if this is easily possible with a live-USB image.

Thanks for your answers.
The solution was in the BIOS setup : I has to enable secure boot, and then it worked.
@jakfrost Is there a way to indicate my probleme has found a solution (or to delete it altogether since it has basically nothing to do with Fedora) ?

As you set this as solution, it can be seen on the index:

So nothing to do for you anymore.

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