Touchscreen drag and drop doesn't work

Hello, I’m using Fedora 36 Workstation and, even though all gestures work similarly on my laptop’s touchpad and the touchscreen, I cannot drag-and-drop stuff by double tapping and then, before releasing my finger after the second tap, dragging the item, be it when browsing files, dragging items around in LIbreOffice or using similar apps where object dragging is required in Firefox/Chrome (like Google Docs or Biorender). It’s like there is no drag and drop gesture implemented for the touchscreen, which severely diminishes its functionality in my case (e.g. I could create a presentation using only the touchscreen if this gesture worked).

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I wonder if it could be related: do you have Tap to click enabled in touchpad settings?


Thanks for your reply, yep, I do have that feature turned on.

I also dug up a few other similar complaints, but mostly just users with no dev involvement:

These issues seem to be reported specifically for certain apps, but it seems to me the problem globally affects GNOME.

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I did some more digging around by trying GNOME on Xorg. Here, drag and drop works in Files (as opposed to on Wayland), but that’s about it, same thing as before with browsers. Seems Files implemented the gesture, but it’s still missing system-wide.

Bit off-topic, but using GNOME on Xorg with a 2-in-1/convertible laptop comes with its own set of quirks:

  1. When using the touchscreen, the cursor will disappear. To make it reappear, on Wayland it is sufficient to drag my finger on the touchpad (preferred behaviour), while on Xorg, I need to actually click (not just tap) the touchpad for the cursor to reappear.

  2. On Wayland, the onscreen keyboard is completely disabled when the screen isn’t folded back and the physical keyboard is accessible (preferred behaviour). On Xorg, the onscreen keyboard will keep popping up regardless of the laptop’s orientation or if the screen is folded back, even when used in laptop mode with the physical keyboard fully accessible.

Hello Davor,
Was you able to solve this issue? I realize that issue still persist on Fedora 38 running on a tablet device.
I have this topic open with similar touch screen issue: Window session stop working on tablet