Fedora 33 two finger pinch gesture (solved)

Good day folks. Want to enable two finger pinch gesture (zoom in/zoom out) with my touch pad. I’ve seen Gnome extensions they have 3 finger gestures and that works great. I can use 2 finger pinch in Windows so I know the touch pad is capable. I know there is a libinput setup but I’m not finding anything real helpful on how it works or if it even works in Fedora 33.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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@engineerfear I haven’t tested this out on Fedora 33, but the Arch Wiki seems to have a good set of instructions on it, might be a good place to start with what’s possible: libinput - ArchWiki


legit. thanks, i’ll give it a go.

@smorris12 thanks for the doc. apparently with Wayland you just have to hold the ctrl key and use the scrollup/down. not so bad. With X id have to make some serious adjustments and im not trying to tinker. i just need it to work so I can work. The ctrl key option will do for now.