Touchmode not working on Wayland (Gnome40, Fedora 34)


I use a lenovo ideapad which has a touch screen, but when I turn the screen to switch it to tablet mode on Wayland, Gnome displays that the trackpad is disabled but nothing seems to work as a tablet mode, The virtual keyboard is not enabled and the automatic rotation either.

On, all that works is to have the icon in the menu that allows me to choose if the automatic rotation is activated or not

Knowing that for me Wayland is much more smooth than is, I wonder if there is any solution to my problem.

Thanks is not equal to Wayland. They are similar but each operates in its own way. What works in one may not work in the other and to expect identical functions is just, well, pie-in-the-sky wishing.

You find what works for your needs then use it.

They aren’t the same but all the sensor works so there are no reason that screen rotation won’t work