Touch screen not working Lenovo Yoga 260 | Hardware replacement

Hi All
I’m hoping someone can get me pointed in the right direction on this one.
I have a new (new to me) Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260 “Convertible” laptop. It came w/o a SSD; the first thing I did was to get a new one, get a Windows install image from Lenovo, and then install Win10, and any system updates available. There were several, and I didn’t keep notes.
I then installed Fedora 34.
I have most everything working for me, with the exception of the Touch Screen. ("Finger Touch; the stylus and “Wacom” tablet parts seem to be OK.) The OS recognizes when I fold the laptop into Tablet mode, but is unresponsive to touching the screen. I have searched around and found that this apparently works in Ubuntu, and that the issue on my Lenovo may be related to a firmware update, that naturally requires a Windows installation to install :stuck_out_tongue:
Where in Win10 I found a menu to configure the touch screen, I can find no reference to it in Fedora.
So, two questions for the Gurus:

  1. How does one enable Touch Screen (“Touch Mode”? Not the touchpad; that’s working fine.) support in Fedora 34? (Presumably if it works with Ubuntu, it should work with Fedora. Yes/No?)
  2. I looked in the system BIOS, and didn’t see anything there; is there any way to determine the firmware version from a Linux OS, or would it be best to simply re-install Win10, install the updated firmware (assuming it hasn’t already been updated as per the above), and then try again with Fedora?
    Any thoughts greatly appreciated, TIA! Steve

Closing the loop on this topic for the time being.
I decided to try the firmware update route. D/L’d the package from Lenovo:
Put Win10Pro back on the laptop, and ran the above .exe. It appeared to install as intended, but after a reboot, no trackpad, and no trackpoint; had to dig out a USB mouse to shut things down :frowning: Reset BIOS to default settings, but no change.
Just for grins, I booted the live Fedora USB: no trackpad or trackpoint there either. Um, no touch screen either, just FWIW. Gee, thanks Lenovo.
At this point, I’m woefully tired of looking at the Thinkpad, and am back on my Macbook Pro. But at least I don’t have to worry about the touch screen any longer . . .

Just for anyone still wondering about this:

The problem was internal to the laptop. The eBay seller that sold it to me was good enough to send a replacement.
Just got it yesterday, all I have done so far was to boot it from the Live Fedora 34 USB stick. (Same one I have been using.)
The touch screen on the new one works just fine under Fedora; no configuration required. The pen appears to be working better as well; was kinda jittery, and “clicks” were uncertain on the original device.
So now you know The Rest of the Story.