Fedora supports new Lenovo Thinkbook plus E-ink screen?


Over several years I have been using Fedora in a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen, with no major issues. System is stable on these machines.

Lenovo is now launching a new branch of laptops with E-ink touchscreen with pencil abilities, as Thinkbook Plus 13.3" and factory WIN10.

If I complete delete the Windows partition and start a new fresh installation of Fedora 34, ¿How could I be sure that such features as the e-ink screen will be compatible? is there any option that this feature does not work at all?

Probably this is a question more to Lenovo directly than fedora community, but they have been unable to provide an answer.

any comment appreciated, thanks.

With preinstalled Fedora Lenovo devices, we had one person here who had a 30 day give back guarantee. Would be good if you could get something like this too to test it. But as I don’t have any connections to Lenovo I cant answer this question.

I guess Lenovo staff members who would have access to such devices are missing a bit here.

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Lets call the Project manager @mattdm of Fedora and see what he tells us about the fact that “Lenovo is unable to provide answers” about Hardware working fine with Fedora Linux.

Strange the employees from Lenovo get the salary and we here just the work :joy:

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. I think the Lenovo ThinkPad folks have done a great job of being real community citizens and putting in their own work.

Lenovo is a big company, though, with a lot of different areas and a lot of different concerns. The teams responsible for this device aren’t necessarily closely connected with the people on the ThinkPad team doing Fedora stuff.

In a lot of cases, hardware will indeed work fine, but hasn’t been officially vetted — Lenovo isn’t going to put promises on that.

I try to find out how to help a Lenovo Laptop owner, with or without Fedora Linux preinstalled. Searching help by Lenovo is not so easy. Then they try it by ask.fedora and we have to tell them the same, that we don’t know it (as here with the Thinkbook plus E-ink screen).

@fdybkp is a ThinkPad owner and Fedora Linux user. He would fit perfect in to the profile of user who could test new hardware. So, does he have the possibility to give back a device if he cant make it work?

Is there a way to get a fat discount for Fedora enthusiast and active community members who are willing to test new Hardware?

Hello All, thank for replies.

Just to clarify, the context is the following: Am a Spanish-LatinAmerica user of Lenovo Thinkpad series. Here, most of official Lenovo stores and resellers do not sale preinstalled linux devices very often and only work with Windows setups. At least that was the vast scenario back in 2015, now find preinstalled linux is a bit more common - Ubuntu. Searching tech-support to inquiries for fedora users in such devices is still difficult, as @ilikelinux mentioned.

So I started on my own and got to have few X1-Carbons running fedora since 26 and onwards, making work almost everything except the fingerprint reader. All the basics, network, video-sound, VMs, and a lot of different software. The combination of ThinkPads and Fedora got pretty stable and reliable over upgrades.

Now Lenovo is releasing a ThinkBook Plus device which includes a double screen, the standard internal side plus a touchscreen with pencil as an e-ink tablet in the external. This device on Lenovo official support webpage is only a Win-10 release and am not getting able to find an answer on future linux support. My question now is, If I wipe out win-10 and install fedora 33 (as I did with the ThinkPads) ,¿Is there an option to totally lose the touchscreen ability ? due to lack of proper linux drivers?

If that happens, how could I start a work path on get such feature running? The local markets here seems not able to work & deal with Fedora enthusiastic users,

many thanks to all