How to enable touch screen on Lenovo Flex 5

Wife just got a Lenovo Flex 5, touch screen works great in Windows 10 (preinstalled). I am thinking of a similar model, so I want to be sure the touch screen works in Fedora as well. Other discussions on the web suggest that it should.

I tried booting live USB for both Fedora 31 KDE Spin (my preferred), and Fedora 32 Workstation Gnome. In both cases, the bootup worked, and I tried a few basic functions, which all worked well. The touch pad worked exactly as it should.

However, the touch screen was completely unresponsive. Suggestions?

After looking online, it appears the Lenovo Flex 5 has a lot of touch screen problems just with Windows. But the only reliable fix with Windows installed was to do a factory reset and never update it. It appears that only the original drivers that came with it worked properly. If it were to ever update, then the touch screen would stop working.

That being said, have you tried folding it so that it is in tablet format to see if it works? Have you tried pressing any special buttons on the keyboard that may or may not enable touch screen? Have you tried checking the system setting to see if there is a touch screen device? I am just asking because I don’t have one to mess around with.

The only thing I can think of is to first re-install windows and check to see if the touchscreen works with windows.