Touchpad not working on Yoga 9 14ITL5


The touchpad isn’t functioning well on my Lenovo Yoga 9i 14" (Yoga 9 14ITL5) running Fedora 33 (Thirty Three) x86_64. When I say that it isn’t functioning “well”, it means that it doesn’t recognize the physical actions performed on it ~95% of the time, and even when it catches them, they are not really accurate, it is merely an indicator that something was received. In other words, the touchpad is useless, but it is still somehow being recognized by the system.

Is this a known issue and is perhaps due to the the laptop being “too new” for the kernel to catch up to for now?

The attached image includes neofetch and xinput data, the latter showing a recognized touchpad, as far as I’m aware.

Thank you.

Looks like a fix has been added to libinput and is on its way(Trackpad issues for Lenovo Yoga 9i (#562) · Issues · libinput / libinput · GitLab) for the trackpad issues.

Add copr to get it to work now(whot/libinput-git Copr).

I have the same laptop and the trackpad is way better after do that.