Three notifications about trust level promotion

Last evening, I got three consecutive messages congratulating me on being promoted to trust level 2. I’m pretty sure I had been at TL3, so this isn’t really a promotion, but also…I understood the first time. :slight_smile:

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I seem to have been promoted from TL 2 to TL 2 last night. At least I was only notified once?

Wait, but for a total of four now?

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I was promoted to trust level 2 five times last night. (From trust level 2, afaict)


I get the feeling this site is being run by Max Headroom. :laughing:

I’m starting to get envious, where are My useless notifications?

Mathematically, twice TL2 equals TL4. Thus, mathematically, Ben beats us all :smile: I wonder what comes with that TL12 power :thinking: Compiling the kernel with just the thoughts?

This seems to be related somehow to our Fedora Account System group sync. I’ve turned off the notification while we get that sorted out.

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